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You want to start investing but you don't know where to start? EasyQuant is here to help!

In a matter of minutes, create your first portfolio using EasyQuant's comprehensive but beginner-friendly asset analysis. EasyQuant enables you to have a healthy and well-managed portfolio, by giving you the right tools to analyse more than 8000 stocks and ETFs, to understand how a potential investment would impact your portfolio and how you should behave in certain market conditions. Investing is not difficult, not at all with EasyQuant!

Personalized Portfolio

You have your music personalized, TV shows and movies personalized, clothing and food personalized... Why not your investments? Just by asking you a few questions, EasyQuant understands your potential investor profile, your ethics and values in life and your interests; and provides you a very personalized portfolio to begin with.

You already have some investments done before? EasyQuant will also take them into consideration and help you optimize your portfolio using the same technique.

Ethical Investing

By using EasyQuant's extensive company analysis tool, you can see each company's involvement in areas you wouldn't prefer to invest in, and decide accordingly to invest in this company or not. Also, EasyQuant always remembers your ethical preferences and values in life, and uses this information to notify you when there is only an investment opportunity that truly suits you. With EasyQuant, you don't have to sacrifice your ethics in your journey to financial freedom.

Easy Company Analysis

One key factor for maintaining a healthy investment portfolio is, understanding the company or ETF you invest in very well. This understanding requires a good analysis, which is as easy as never before with EasyQuant. Using extensive historical financial data reported by companies themselves, EasyQuant comes up with simple facts that anyone can read and understand. EasyQuant also uses the same information to assess each company or ETF with EasyQuant Score.

Using EasyQuant Scoring system, you can always track your portfolio's health and also understand potential investments' impact on your portfolio. This score is also personalized, which means companies will have different scores for different users with different needs.

Thematic Explore

EasyQuant makes it very easy to explore companies in your interest areas, that also have strong financial qualities and good potential returns. Using popular themes in the Explore section, you can easily find new companies, analyse them and using their EasyQuant Score, easily understand if they are a good investment for you or not.


Version 0.1.0

- New Onboarding in the App
- Generate Personalized Watchlist
- Add assets to your portfolio from the main screen

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5,0 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen


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