Change the way we eat!

Eathentica offers a platform, where people can exchange authentic, healthy, home made food, instead of buying quick and trendy food in restaurant.

Food at Eathentica is created from people to people and should be consumed by someone, who love and appreciate it.

Authentic food, which is cooked at home with a lot of love and passion. The food which we learned from our grandma, from our mama. The food is not offered directly from the Eathentica, but from the community, who use this app to share their unique food. Authentic, homemade and with love and joy.

Authentic food can be bought from persons very near you, from your neighbourhood. Food can be picked up, eat in or delivered.

Eathentica is created for:
- Families, who do not have much time to cook, but still want to eat authentic , homemade, healthy, clean and unique, can find

- World rescuer, who do not want to throw food away and simply want to give it to someone else.

- People, who go on holiday and do not want to throw their rest food away.

- Foreigners, who live far away from home and miss the traditional food, which he can not cook himself.

- Housewives or pensioner, who want to improve the household income

- Singles, who just want to show their cooking art to the world.

- People, who just simply enjoy food and would want to try different type of authentic food, which one can not buy in restaurants.

- Young people, who are travelling a new country, who want to learn authentic food

- People - singles or pairs, who look for social dinner with someone

- Friends, who set blind-date for his best friend, or his grandpa, grandma.

At Eathentica, we identify ourselves as:
- Global trotter, who understand the need of people to find authentic food, food which you never find in a restaurant or even on the street.
- Foreigners, who miss their food at home.
- Technical freaks, who understand, that everything and yet everything, which is not yet digitalised, must be digitalised. We will digitalise the way the people eat and find authentic food.
- Family mothers and fathers, who know how important it is for our kids to eat clean and healthy, and still with a small budget.

Food is needed by every single household, every single person, and the need to eat clean and healthy food increases enorm, but not everyone can afford it. Eathentica offers a very new digitalised way to eat authentic, clean, healthy, unique and on budget.

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