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The new cloud based restaurant management system which provides a lot of features which currently only big chains can afford themselves.

Make your restaurant trendy and optimised

Let us show you how you could tackle the lack of human good quality resources experienced recently which is a headache even for the best managers. The situation gets even worse as in the big competition the guest are more and more demanding to get quick and quality service.

The EatWithMe restaurant management system offers its customers a range of solutions that not only allow them to reach the best-organised restaurants, but also to prepare for the anticipated future changes that may seem inevitable.

#1 Speed up

Take advantage of powerful ordering features that reduce even the most complex orders to a few clicks.

#2 Optimise: Have more control over your processes and optimise them

Avoid the chaos that occurs under heavy loads. Our system keeps track of your orders from their registration until their delivery and automatically draws attention to troubled tables and long-awaiting guests.

Effective analysis also draws your attention to where you still have some reserves.

#3 Reduce the burden on your staff: Let your guests to involve themselves from ordering to payment

Not enough attention is paid to the needs of the guests. Is it slow to take orders, service, pay when traffic is high?

Nowadays, guests are playing with their phones anyway all the time and this trend will only intensify. If so, take advantage of it. Give your guests the opportunity to call a waiter with their smartphones, indicate their willingness to pay or even let them place their orders without the help of a waiter. This not only relieves the waiters, but also provides faster service to the guests. In addition you can reach higher turnaround of the tables resulting in increased revenues.

#4 Get ahead of the changes: Focus on the kitchen, the service, and leave the rest to the guests

Do you want to look ahead to the future? Allow your guest to do everything themselves from table reservation to ordering and payment. Let your waiters deal with those who really demand it.

Highlights from the features:

Detailed table-map on which one can easily follow the status of each table:
Easy to check if it is free or occupied or the status of the orders placed, whether they are under production or already delivered.

Table occupation and ordering:
Capturing multi-course orders was never such easy.
The customisation of the orders based on the guest’s requests are extremely simple while the system will also adjusts the price and also the inventory reductions accordingly.

Optimised order slips for each production lines

Up-to-date inventory of raw materials:
The system automatically deducts the used raw materials based on the predefined receipts.
The calculations are precise even when changing the original meal by adding/removing optional additionals.
The stock changes can be regenerated even for the past, for example after revealing a mistake in a receipt or forgetting to register an incoming stock.

Detailed analysis of the traffic and the raw material inventory. Profit margin analysis for ingredients used in multiple meals or drinks, any many other useful analytics.

Guests can place orders, check their status, call the waiter, ask for the bill and pay from their phones. All this integrated into the traditional flow of a traditional restaurant. Old style restaurants can keep up with the new trends while also keeping their value in delivering the human touch.

The kitchen and other production lines can have their own screens but also can easily flag the status of each meal by simply scanning the QR code on the order slip. Letting know the waiters about the readiness of the food was never such easy and efficient.


Version 2.0.47

Fixed login problems


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