The Premium, most complete, health & fitness remote coaching software

Fitr Training, the most powerful and efficient delivery platform on the market for online programming and remotely managing client bases. Fitr Training empowers coaches, brands, and gyms worldwide. Say goodbye to multiple platforms, services and suppliers!

Our dedicated app allows you, the ‘client’, to access and follow your subscribed program(s), log your performance data, track and update personal best ‘performance benchmarks’, and attach videos and comments for discussion and review with your ‘coach(s)’.

First create a Fitr Training account (insert link) and sign up to an online training program or multiple programs. Then log in to our dedicated app.

Fitr Training is developed by coaches for coaches, to create the most effective user experience for their clients.

Coaches can:

· Build and sell training programs suitable for individual clients, group based training, and one-off downloads.

· Let clients compare and socially interact with each other on real time leaderboards. From Daily Leaderboards within specific programs, to wider Challenges encompassing all of your clients, integrate another level of client management into your online programming.

· Utlise Fitr Training’s Benchmark feature to offer every one of your clients automated percentage-based personalised sessions based on their own individual performance records. Write your program once, yet each client receives their own unique, tailored, targets of weights, reps, sets, wattage, intervals, pace or split times.

· Use our media library of 500+ movement videos (and growing) to supplement your programming, and/or add your own collection of coaching videos, images and documents.

· Review your clients’ training directly in the scheduling view and build your future programming around their feedback.


Version 1.2


You can now access and interact on leaderboards directly from the app.
See where you compare against others following the same programming and throw likes and comments their way too. Full support of push notifications will make sure you don't miss a thing.

We've also made some other ‘under the hood’ improvements to performance and design.

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The Fitr Training Team


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