Light can have a huge impact on your day - cool, white light can get you moving and alert in the morning, brighter lights after lunch can help you make it through the "afternoon slump", and dimmer, warmer lighting in the evening will help you wind down before bed.

All of this is possible with our HomeKit bulbs and dimmers, but without seriously complex automations, you'll find yourself constantly adjusting your brightness and color temperature, blinded in the middle of the night when all you need is a dim nightlight, or just skipping the benefits altogether - not anymore!

Follow the Sun for HomeKit brings a brand new style of lighting automation to any of your HomeKit bulbs and dimmers, without the hassle!

- Have HomeKit bulbs that support Color Temperature adjustments? Stop fussing with scenes and dozens of automations. With a single setting, you can sync Color Temperature with Brightness, so turning up the brightness will make them cooler, and bringing down the brightness will give you a warm glow – on ANY of your Color Temperature bulbs!

- Schedule your lights in a brand new way – imagine transitioning your office lights from a bright working light to a warm, relaxing glow over a period of an hour or more. Transitions so subtle, you don’t even notice them!

These transitions are like nothing you’ve been able to do before with HomeKit, and you’re in complete control. Using automations for these smooth transitions would literally take dozens of configurations per light, and requires multiple apps to accomplish. By harnessing the power of HomeKit on the Mac, we have more control than we’ve ever had before, and Follow the Sun will let you take advantage of it!

- Follow the Sun listens to changes to your HomeKit lights, and adjusts accordly - it is most effective on a Mac that remains on all the time.
- Will work with any HomeKit bulbs or wall dimmers that support brightness adjustments. Color Temperature features require bulbs that natively support Color Temperature.

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Version 1.0.3

- Fixed a bug with the 'Do not transition with power off' setting, that would cause the light to transition anyway in some situations -- we hope this didn't cause too much issue!


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