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Fridays For U
-- the Fridays For Future App

Fridays For Future (FFF) is the movement started by Greta Thunberg when she sat down in a school strike front of the Swedish parliament building on August 20, 2018. Since then, strikes supporting the cause have been happening in nearly 200 countries, several thousand cities, in tens of thousands individual events with millions of strikers. You can follow the daily updates to these stats in this app.

The other thing you can do in this app is to report your own participation in FFF events. Whenever you are on a strike or other event which makes the same demands as Greta did, you can press the My Action button, then the Settings button. In there, fill in as much contact details as you would like to share, then press the back button. Once you see the earth-heart, pump up the heartbeat by pushing it repeatedly.

When you have a good heartbeat, press the I am In! button at the bottom. This makes your information shown in yellow above the button be sent to the FFF servers. If you choose to share your email or phone number, that information will not be shared publicly, but FFF event organizers in your area may contact you. Don't share this information if you do not wish to be contacted.

If many people report being on an event at about the same place and time, the location will pop up on the FFF official event map. If you press the Map button, you can zoom around in the latest map. The map is updated at least once a day.

Find out more about the Fridays For Future movement on the official web site:

The app is developed by All For Eco on behalf of Fridays For Future. More features in this app are on the way. If you would like to make wishes or participate in this development yourself, send a mail to


Version 1.4

A lot has happened since version 1.3. Most of the news in 1.4 revolves around the map, subscriptions to notifications and receiving notifications. Go to the map, hit the search button, search for a few cities or countries, like Stockholm, Paris and New York, like France, Spain or USA. Look up the event details, as well as links to facebook event or pictures. Then subscribe to notifications about the locations you care about, so that you don't miss any event last minute update near you.


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