The world's first Funghi life simulation observation game!

From the ""Mushroom Garden"" series with over 46 million downloads, comes a ""den-making simulation game!""
Recruit Funghi for a wonderful den life!

7 features to enjoy Funghi's Den:
・Build Lots of Facilities!
・Grow Crops, Make Tools, and Harvest!
・Scout New Funghi!
・Go on Adventures to Find Treasures!
・Dress Up Your Funghi!
・Decorate Your Den!
・Observing the Funghi!

You are a Funghi expert that's researching their ecology.
One day you receive a letter from a Funghi boy named Roomulus, who has been tasked to make his den great.
It seems that he's looking for a partner in den-making.
Enjoy the den life with Roomulus and friends!


Version 1.0.2

Thank you everyone for playing Funghi's Den!
We've added three new story events after rank 51 for this update!

[Rank 51 ~ 60]
"Damsel" arrives one day to open a Fashion Store!
Will everyone here really become more fashionable with all the new equipment you can make?

[Rank 61 ~ 70]
"Treasure King" finally gets the rare staff he's wanted for so long, but he starts acting strange on the next day. His eyes are sharper, and he gives off a commanding atmosphere. Not only that, he seems to know so many things he didn't before!
What has happened to Treasure King?

[Rank 71 ~ 80]
Catherine seems very unhappy. She usually enjoys inventing stuff, so what could have happened?
One day, Catherine is recruited to be the assistant of a famous inventor.
Bon is worried sick that Catherine may leave this den.
Is there a way to cheer Catherine up?

Make progress in the story to be able to craft new equipment, facilities, and deco. You can also scout new kinds of friends!
Let's all join together to make the den bigger!

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1 Bewertung


Beeworks co.,Ltd.
145.1 MB

Erfordert iOS 8.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



Kennzeichnung: 4+
© Beeworks/SUCCESS
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  3. 1350 Fun Orb 8,99 €


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