GEYSER GUARD (GG) is the latest cloud based solution to come out the highly innovative NGT Group of companies. With burst Geysers being a common problem, NGT have developed a simple, easy to install and effective, water management + leak detection system. GG protects users from the consequential damage caused by leaking or burst geysers, as well as ensures you always have hot water on demand.

Utilsing the latest IOT technology, GG’s state of the art design allows the client to simply log on to their PC or APP to perform functions such as; switch their geyser on or off; schedule specific on/off times weeks in advance; monitor electricity usage as well as the health of the geyser. Most importantly, GG ensures immediate water leak detection and damage prevention, in event of a burst or leaking Geyser.

Linked to a 24/7 monitoring center, GG gives the user the peace of mind that as soon as a leak is detected by GG’s water sensor, the intelligent system will immediately shut off the mains water supply as well as the power to the Geyser… and in so doing preventing the water valve remaining open causing consequential loss, as well as ensuring the element in the geyser doesn’t burn out. Simultaneously, GG will send out a cloud based, (time + date stamped) alarm notification to the client and their insurer, notifying them of the event and the successful action taken. The user or insurer, (or managing agent) can then take swift remedial action to replace the Geyser, without experiencing the cost associated to the damage caused by this common household problem.

Taking a plumber a mere 45min to install, GG offers water management, risk prevention, power management, as well as reduced electricity consumption, all via the web or smartphone app. Geyser Guard allows the user (or management company to offer customers) a simple, easy to install, stable system, allowing the client to have hot water on demand at all times, without the risk or the need to leave the geyser on for unnecessary periods.

GEYSER GUARD allows remote (APP based) control of…

• Power Consumed – Daily / Weekly / Monthly
• Power comparisons
• Geyser status
• Power on Graph cycles
• Timer set for energy savings
• Remote Geyser control –on/off
• Costs of heating water

Always in touch
Always in control

Full Geyser management and control at your fingertips.


Version 2.0.3

Added Rolling and Cumulative Reports to better analyse geyser power usage


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