Collect your GIFs. Share them. Love them! If you're a GIF connoisseur, then you need an app that's as serious about them as you are. That's where GIFwrapped comes in.

• Use iCloud or Dropbox to add new GIFs and sync your collection. Keep your GIFs on multiple devices and have a backup in the cloud. The digital cloud. No one keeps GIFs in real clouds anymore, everything gets too wet.
• Use the bundled Messages app to share GIFs from your Library with your friends in seconds. No muss, no fuss.
• Drag and drop GIFs en mass to and from GIFwrapped. Drag them all! Drag them good!
• Find new GIFs using Giphy powered search! Just bang in a phrase like "cat" or "lumpy space princess" and be prepared for pure awesome to rain down on you from the heavens.
• Import GIFs, Bursts, and Live Photos from your Photo Library. Save them back to Photos, too, if that's your jam.
• Use an extension to quickly save images to your library! It's not sexy or anything, but it is super easy and probably fun by someone's standards!
• Preview GIFs in standard or retina quality. It all depends on whether you like pixels or not.

Upgrade your GIF game even further by subscribing to GIFwrapped Premium for US$3.49 per year (may vary from country to country), which unlocks awesome features, removes ads, and supports an independent creator.

• Turn off ads. I hate 'em as much as your do, but a guy's gotta eat.
• Bookmark searches for easy access the next time you want them. These things are important for those GIF standoffs your's somehow always getting into.
• Reuse, and recycle, your search history as a list of bookmarks, so revisiting the past doesn't need to involve time travel… or memory.
• Additional information about images within the Into panel, including number of frames, duration, and more. That way you can know your GIFs inside and out.
• Turn off the embedded watermark in Bursts and Live Photos. I mean, liking GIFwrapped is one thing, but to plaster the logo over GIFs of your pets? Probably a bit much.

If you choose to subscribe to GIFwrapped Premium, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and the subscription will automatically renew within 24 hours of the end of the current period. You can manage this in Account Settings. Cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to let it lapse.

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Version 2020.8

Despite the (somewhat hasty) fixes for Twitter importing that went out in my last release, GIFwrapped was still having issues importing GIFs from Twitter in certain cases, so I had to go back and do some additional work on it.

- The Save to GIFwrapped extension was crashing before it could parse links (like, say… Twitter links), due to the web content being loaded off of the main thread (bad developer, BAD!). I made a few changes to make sure the important calls are handled correctly, and it should be more stable now.

- I was also finding that the results being returned could be… variable, based on the position of the moon, the speed of XHR requests, and which leg I was standing on at the time. I went back and tweaked the way GIFwrapped handles knowing when a page has finished loading (it'll load initial results, but then continue to update as the various XHR requests complete). It's not perfect (the in-app experience is superior because it's not under time pressure), but this has helped ensure that as many results as possible are produced.

- Tweets marked as sensitive (typically because they're… naughty) used to work in GIFwrapped, but the link for the GIF got properly hidden in the recent Twitter website update, which made it not so worky. I made (significant) changes to how Twitter's site is parsed in an attempt to make a best effort to retrieve GIFs from any tweets, but if all else fails, the error should at least be more accurate as to what caused it to fail.

- I still get emails from users experiencing lock-ups that I cannot detect or replicate for the life of me. Each time I do, I go into the code base and look for any possible reasons that the app could get into such a state, and then do what I can to relieve it. It hasn't worked so far, but maybe the changes I made in this release will have an effect?

- Thumbnails are another source of support grief, and in this release I discovered a couple of points where the code could just… not download thumbnails. Add to that some improvements to how it handles the sheer number of downloads that can be spun up during first load, and hopefully it should be improvements all around.

If you find any issues with the app, or want to send me a much-needed morale boost, tweet @gifwrapped, or email, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.7 von 5
13 Bewertungen

13 Bewertungen

micke mi ,


Always worked perfectly for me but since today the app keeps crashing whenever I try to download a gif.😭
Please, please fix and I can return the missing 2 stars to my rating.

capa2502 ,

Totales Glücksspiel...

Absolutes Zufallsprodukt, ob die App in einem in‘s Clipboard kopierten Twitter-Link a) überhaupt irgendwas findet und b) ob es das GIF/Video des Posts ist oder irgendwas komplett Zusammenhangloses.

mstrd308 ,

Endlich GIFs aus dem Netz über WhatsApp sharen!!

Perfekt!! Hab bisher keine App gefunden die das noch besser macht! Erste klasse!!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

I'm so glad to hear this! I'm going to keep working to make it better, so be sure to keep letting me know if I'm doing a good job or not! ✨😁✨


Daniel Farrelly
39.8 MB

Erfordert iOS 11.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Zeichentrick- oder Fantasy-Gewalt
Unbeschränkter Zugang zum Web
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: sexuelle Inhalte oder Nacktheit
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: obszöner oder vulgärer Humor
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: realistisch dargestellte Gewalt
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Szenen mit erotischen Anspielungen
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Gebrauch von Alkohol, Tabak oder Drogen bzw. Verweise hierzu
  1. GIFwrapped Premium 3,49 €
  2. All the Things 10,99 €


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