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With Glosify you create a very personal MemoGame with your own photos.
Same Same...Find and match two identical photos on the game board which can be from 6 up to 40 tiles.
...and Different...Glosify offers an unique feature where you combine a photo with a text of your choice. This feature opens up to numerous opportunities.
You can also save your games in the Cloud and allow individual and group sharing.
Language Learning including sound recording
Learn glossary with Glosify.
If you are learning a language from the very beginning it is easier if you can visualize the word. By letting the students create games that they can share with each other, it will be a part of the learning process. With some help from the teacher or locals you can also record how the word is pronounced. The recording will be played every time a the text tile is pressed and when the correct match is made.
This can also be a very  useful tool in rehabilitation from aphasia.
For some people it might be difficult and confusing to see all photos and all text alternatives at the same time. (Open Tiles ON) Therefore we have added an opportunity to only see one text tile at the time. (Semi Open Tiles ON)
Learning Names
Knowing names is a powerful tool to show respect and to be respected.
With Glosify you can learn new names in a fast an fun way by matching a name with a photo.
The HR Department/Teacher/Coach creates a Glosify game with the pictures and names of your new team mates. Save the game in the Cloud and give it a Game ID and a password. Then it can easily be downloaded to any device without even having a Glosify account. Impress your new collegues by knowing their names in no time.
Your own personal photos
Memory Game
Match Photo with text
Learning names
Learning glossary
Memory Training
Cloud service
Game sharing


Version 1.3

Zoom by default.

Easier to choose level of difficulty.

Bug fixes in cloud service.


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