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Goalgum is a new goal setting and tracker app that seamlessly integrates proven research and behavioral science together with modern-day technology – but in a very beautiful, simple, and effective way. Take advantage of all the benefits of our goal planner and priority tool - Build healthy habits & become a better you!

Instead of keeping your goals forever stuck in your brain and feeling lost as to what actions you need to take next, now all of these challenging problems (and many more!) will be solved for you thanks to this ONE easy-to-use app.

Identify and prioritize activities that will lead you to achieving your goals. Check off goals when they are achieved and give yourself a motivation boost for future ones! Track your progress and build healthy habits!

Our goal setter & planner app allows you to set goals, plan and break them down into different periods:
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
- 6 Months
- Yearly

Determine what you hope to achieve and create steps to achieve it. There is also a possibility for you to plan way ahead in the future. For example, if you are adding daily goals, this feature will allow you to add goals for tomorrow. Add a new goal for each step of your journey to fulfilling your dreams!

This feature is allowing you to check all goals that you've achieved. Take care of your dreams and don`t stop on your way to achieving them - Use past achievements to reach new ones!

Identify and organize your goals by importance, value, and urgency. Set your goal priority so you know what to focus on first before anything else. This is the key component of goal setting!

Check the history of your goals easily, whether you achieved them or not. Keep a history, including the date when they were set and the date when you planned to achieve them. If you have some that are not achieved, think of your new strategy to reach them!

Staying focused is a key aspect of achieving success and reaching your goals. It is the thing that makes the difference! Keep your focus and attention on the task that you are working on and avoid distractions. Aim high, stay focused, and stop procrastination. Become a better you!

Set your goals and break them down into milestones - Achieve them step-by-step! Improve your effectiveness with a goal checklist - Get it done and check off goals! Build healthy habits

Why should you use our goal tracker & planner app?
- Set Long-Term 5 Years Goals - Have laser sharp focus into the future! Know exactly where you’re going and stay on track to achieve your goals
- Breakdown Goals From Yearly to Daily - Take little realistic steps every day that leads to achieving your long-term goals.
- Goal Priority Tool - Don’t struggle to prioritize your goals. We help you decide what to work on using our simple but effective goal priority tool.
- Progress Tracker - We give you that feeling of accomplishment with our advanced progress tracking strategy. We celebrate with you and help you improve!
- Set Realistic Goals - Our app has been designed to automatically let you set realistic goals. Don’t worry about whether they is realistic or not. We will help you know!
- Stay Focused - With our app, your focus is always on what you want from the start. Achieve goals you’re passionate about and never worry about going off track! Never lose focus because we have a creative way of always reminding you!
- Goals Into Daily Actions - Our app has been engineered in such a way that, achieving your goals can be as simple as taking a picture of your door! Sounds weird but simple!

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Download our goal setting & tracker app and start your journey of making your dreams come true - Build healthy habits! Whatever you want to achieve, this goal planner will help you to become a better you - Plan your day! Get it done and check off goals on your list!


Version 2.0.3

Minor bug fixes

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5,0 von 5
2 Bewertungen

2 Bewertungen


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