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Richard Knabb

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Use your school or organization's iPad or iPhone as a kiosk to check in students or members of any age, every day, or check participants in and out on the go at individual events. Collect information about guardians picking up and checking out students or members, including optionally capturing a guardian's signature and photo. All student/member and guardian data entered into the app by you and your users stays securely on a single device behind the device's own authentication, while in the public-facing kiosk mode each student or participant is checked in or out only by guardians or individuals that know their full name and group they're in. Older students and adult members can serve as their own "guardian" and check themselves in and out directly, depending on the organization's own rules and to whom they give access to the device and kiosk screen.

The main kiosk display is customizable for your school or organization's name and color scheme. Refer to groups and members however you like, such as students and grades in a school, singers and ensembles in a chorus, or players on different teams. Use numbers or completely unique names to publicly identify each group in your organization.

The event log screen keeps track of each member's check in and out events, including dates, times, and reasons for them checking in and out, using your own, configurable list of reasons for public users to choose from. All data and settings persist even after the app is relaunched.


Version 1.1

- New, separate screen for guardian signature during check out, allowing for larger, full screen in landscape for drawing with finger on iPhone, along with existing support for Apple Pencil on iPad
- Optional guardian signature and photo are only activated for check out, when it's far more likely to be desirable and necessary, while check in never asks for signature and photo
- Improved alignment of user interface on wider variety of screen sizes on both iPad and iPhone, including automatic adjustments when rotating device between portrait and landscape and back


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