Choose a creator’s channel and get immediately in contact with like-minded people
Receive instant alerts as soon as creators are going live
Send and receive direct messages to everyone
Create a channel and let your own audience grow

Creators are part of their groups. They can actively participate, or just be there - whatever suits best.
Algorithm-free content: no preselections. It is only you and the crowd.
100% friendly chats: every single piece of content will be checked before publishing.

What makes Gruups unique?

Chatting is the new publishing
That is why we started Gruups. Gruups is not about presenting yourself, but about having a good time together. Creators are part of their Gruups. They can actively participate, or just be there - whatever suits best.
Live is the new prime time
Nowhere are fans and creators as close as they are here. Chatting directly? Hanging out together? Only Gruups can do that. Your fans will be immediately notified as soon as you are active on your channel. Every discussion on Gruups is in realtime and therefore authentic – everyone is treated equally within the chat. It is always about the personality behind your public persona.
The new cool is friendly.
Gruups offers 100% friendly content. Gruups uses its own algorithm, checking every posting for potentially misdemeaning content ahead of publishing. In addition, posts and people can be reported, and we will thoroughly analyse if there is a violation of our community rules.
Who is behind Gruups?
Gruups is a project of an interdisciplinary team of creators together with software and social media professionals. Gruups is implemented and managed by Brandslisten, a SaaS-forge for customer engagement, based in Hamburg, Germany.
How does Gruups work for creators?
Creators operate their own channels within Gruups. There is an endless number of Gruups in these channels – and this is where discussions take place. Every user can create new chats within each channel. However, the channel owner always retains full control over his community and its content – they can block or delete individual users, channels or postings. It is possible to follow as many creators as preferred, and thus interact with them.


Version 1.5.5

Integrating gifs as a new form of communication
Implement fixes for:
- admin status
- notifications
- freezing clients

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20 Bewertungen

Playfinger ,

Gut für Gruppendiskussionen zu Themen

Mann kann einfach ein Thema als „Gruup“ anlegen und dann darüber diskutieren. Geht deutlich einfacher als bei Telegram zB. Bitte noch private Gruppen und Einbindung meiner Telefon-Kontakte.

freezYamero ,


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