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GST[AR] allows you to browse, download, view, and share geological models in augmented reality.


Browse through available models and their features to find a nice selection to present in AR. Models are retrieved from running instances of GST Web. Don’t worry, there are default sources added already, so you can get started right away. Hint: If you see a „Visit“ button near a section of models, you can tap it to learn more about the institution that provides these models for you! When you select a model, you will find a list of features waiting for you. Make your selection and off you go to the AR view.


As soon as the features are downloaded, you will be able to place them on any horizontal surface in AR. Use gestures or sliders to rotate and scale your model. Tap on individual parts to learn about their name or use the legend to even highlight individual features. Superelevation is available via sliders as well!


When you have placed a feature selection in AR, you get the option to share your session with others! Use the share button to let other peers join your session, synchronize your worlds and you will be looking at the same model in no time. Changes to the model rotation, scale and location will be synced automatically between all peers in the session. Hold down on a model to place your marker to point towards the feature of interest or highlight a certain feature via the legend for all other peers.

Settings and customization

Customize your experience by changing a couple of settings. In the settings menu, you will have the possibility to change aspects of scaling, how high the models float above the surface or even enable such cool features like "people occlusion" that make your AR scene even more immersive! Furthermore, if you want to access models from a GST Web instance that is not present in the app, you have the possibility to add endpoints of your own.


Version 1.1.1

We are happy to release the largest update to GST[AR] yet! As always get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions. We hope you enjoy GST[AR]!

Support for QR-codes

We have added new ways to add and open endpoints to the app. Whenever you encounter a GST[AR] QR-code you can just use the camera app to scan it. This allows you to quickly add an endpoint to the app or jump directly into a scene without having to type in the information by hand. Of course you are also able to share a model opened with such a QR-code with others using a collaborative session. Want to share an endpoint that you have stored on your device with a peer? Just simply tap the new QR-code symbol next to the URL and view the appropriate QR-code on your display. More information about the QR-codes and how to create them can be found on our blog. We want to do more with QR-codes in the future but we think that these first features come in handy already.

Feature toggling

It has taken us long enough but users are now able to hide and show individual features while staying immersed inside the AR view - no more reloading of the model required when that pesky DEM hides all the faulty goodness. Additionally any toggled features will be synchronized with every other peer in a collaborative session. This way we guarantee that you will always be talking about the same model with your friends and colleagues.


Users can now switch between themes to change the coloring of features according to a certain geoscientific scope. A new picker will show up within the AR view for every endpoint that provides one or more themes. A small legend will be shown that provides a label to every color that is visible in the scene to give more context. The legend can be minimized with a tap if it should cover up too much of the screen. Themes do not affect the order of models or features yet, but are synchronized in a collaborative session as well.

Exponential superelevation

We have switched the slider of the superelevation to an exponential scale which allows users to go from 1x up to a 20x superelevation. The previous maximum was 5x. We hope that this keeps both the granularity for the lower factors while providing higher factors for very flat or large scale models.

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4,4 von 5
7 Bewertungen

7 Bewertungen

AgentPurplee ,


Richtig innovative Idee, sehr stark umgesetzt. Und das auch noch kostenlos für jeden.



Tolle innovative app!! Vielen Dank GiGa infosystems GmbH


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