An amazing reference for anyone interested in the human musculo-skeletal system. Featuring five different ways to learn about the body: The VIEWER, ACTIONS, 3-D MODELS, nine types of QUIZZES, and the MEDIA section.

VIEWER: The viewer allows you to control a 3D view of the body, with labels that lead to full screen images of 145 muscles each with the name, action, origin, insertion, nerve supply and comments for each muscle. The viewer also includes all the bones with detailed landmarks.

ACTIONS: The best way to learn about muscles is to group them into their actions. In this section, choose from over 37 body actions, and see an animation of the action, with a visual list of muscles that perform that action, plus comments in each section.

3D MODELS: There are seven 3D models, each model allows you to control a body area in 3-D space, with multiple stops along the way that identifying the structures and give comments on each area. Models cover the ankle, knee, pelvis, shoulder, face, hand, and a detailed look at the vertebrae.

QUIZZES: 9 types of quizzes! 18 pages of label matching quizzes where you have to match a name to the correct location. Multiple choice quiz builder that allows you to test the name, action, origin or insertion for each muscle. Skeletal quiz tests your knowledge of each bone name. These two quizzes feature adaptive quizzing which adds your missed answers to the Favorites, allowing you to test yourself on only what you have missed (or create your own quiz on just what you want to learn). The Action quiz tests your knowledge of every joint action in the body. The Spelling quiz tests spelling of muscle and bone names. The general quiz tests your knowledge of general muscle and bone anatomy subjects. You can also email your scores to an instructor or friend.

MEDIA: Thirty beautiful pages of basic muscle and bone info along with common musculo-skeletal conditions. Five imbedded videos (16 minutes) that give the basics of the muscular and skeletal system. These videos cover the arm, torso, face, leg, and fascia.

If you want to experience the future of digital education, this app is a great example of combining beautiful imagery, knowledge and interactivity, utilizing the full power of the iPad.

This app is used at multiple anatomy programs across the country.


Version 5.6

Fixed alignement issue on newest ipads.

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1 Bewertung

Ginai ,

I like it

German would be appreciated for explamations. The muscels could stay in Latin.

donthaveoneeither ,

Price/performance = ok

Conclusion : Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D is worth the €5.5 price tag.

The app provides 4 main functions:
- Muscle Viewer
- Actions (of the muscles/muscle groups)
- Videos
- 3D Models

The Muscle Viewer function has a catalog of, if i counted right, 138 muscles which can be displayed in their anatomical context on a 3D model. This view form gives an overview of all mucle groups including the latin names for each which can even be heard with an audio clip giving the proper pronunciation. The size of the model in this section is limited due to the lack of space and unfortunately can not be zoomed. Furthermore, it can only be turned around the dorsal axis (z axis).
The Actions function provides short animation clips dipicting the movement of the Neck, Shoulder, Spine, Elbow, Hip, Hand, Knee and Ankle with each clip accompanied by several still- frame graphics showing the individual muscles involved. All graphics include lables and/or further explanational texts.
The Video function includes 6 videos on the Arm, Torso, Face, and Leg and two on Fascia and Nerves. The videos are very informative and didactically well pieced together.
There are 3D models for the Foot, Hand, Head, Knee, Pelvis, Shoulder and Vertebrae each showing bone and/or muscle configurations. These, too, can only be rotated along only the z axis which has as consequence, that some ligamental connections to the bone are not fully visual. The resolution is not overly detailed but well rendered making them appropriate for general educational purposes. All are labelled by their latin names.
Lastly, the app also includes a quiz which allows those so desiring to test their knowledge.
The user interface is, as are most iPod apps, easy to use and very intuitive. The level of detail is more than adequate and, if throughly studied, will provide many hours of enjoyment.

Summa summarum, anyone desiring to learn of the wonders of the muscle/bone structure of the human body will find a lot of good material in this app. The depth put forth here is adequate for general knowledge and, in this persons opinion, worth its price.


Texte in Deutsch

Klasse App. Die Erläuterungen wären allerdings auch in anderen Sprachen (Deutsch) wünschenswert. Die lateinischen Begriffe sollten so bleiben wie sie sind.


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