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***Existing users: For a happy update experience, please read “What's New in this Version” below. :)***

***New users: Thanks for choosing the new OmmWriter Gaia, and welcome to the family!***

A wise man once said: “We are all at the mercy of our wild monkey minds. Incessantly swinging from branch to branch”. With multiple windows and applications all vying for our attention, we have sadly adapted our working habits to that of the computer and not the other way around.

OmmWriter is a humble attempt to recapture what technology has snatched away from us today: our capacity to concentrate.

OmmWriter is a tool that makes writing a pleasure again, allowing users to be alone with their thoughts; to concentrate and to write without distractions. More than a word processor, OmmWriter is a place to get inspired.

The secret to OmmWriter lies in its simplicity and apparent lack of functionality. OmmWriter Gaia pays special attention to audio and visual effects that contribute to the overall writing experience. We have spent a considerable amount of research time and effort in the audio-visual experience to promote and enhance creativity. OmmWriter is the fruit of this investigation with new dynamic backgrounds employing Chroma therapy techniques as well as new sound effects. This version, Gaia, is a reflection of its new soothing sound environments and backgrounds inspired by Earth’s natural landscapes. In particular, the nocturnal background, which relaxes your vision (and probably your mood).

If you are a scriptwriter, blogger, journalist, copywriter, poet or just someone who enjoys writing, welcome back to concentrating.

What others are saying:

“You either love it or you hate it. Some Cult readers loved it so much they voted it as one of the best new applications of last year” – Cult of Mac

“Part word processor, part work of art, OmmWriter is a must for people who journal, blog, or do any kind of writing where creativity and idea-generation is key. Give it a try” – TUAW

“The modern computer experience is amazing for distracting you from work… OmmWriter Dana doesn’t lock you in a dark room until you force the words out, but rather creates a space in your head that allows you to focus on what you want to say” – Appletell

“When I really want to go into a writing hole, I use OmmWriter” – Life hacker

“OmmWriter is my favourite, because it’s so serene and there’s not much to do but write” – Zen Habits

“Where serenity meets school work” – Forbes

What's New in Version 1.5
***For a happy update experience, please read below. :)***

• We’ve added new backgrounds inspired in the planet earth: a starry night, distant mountains, a calm lake.
• We’ve added 3 new background audios (now, a total of 10).
• New fonts.
• New exporting options (to PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF and TXT).
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Version 1.66

Fixed some issues related to full screen in Big Sur OS

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4,2 von 5
19 Bewertungen

19 Bewertungen

ForlaniMota ,

Great and simple idea, but one thing drives me crazy.


I'm drawn to this app and use it to translate long texts, but I often have to switch to another task on my mac to use dictionaries on the web browser. And if I do so, Omm Writer minimizes itself and the music stops, so everytime I'm looking for a word on the browser, I have to reopen Omm Writer and the music won't just continue playing. Isn't there a possibility to handle Omm Writer as a "window" so I can maximize it manually and align it as a task on mac? That would be really helpful.


Mr. Monst@ ,

Nach update ohne Registrierungszwang wieder so stark wie früher

Update: Jetzt wieder volle Punktzahl. Toll das der Entwickler so schnell reagiert hat und die Zwangsregistrierung rausgenommen hat. Erlebt man nicht oft!!!

Kann mich nur meinen Vorrednern anschließen. War vorher ein tolles Schreibprogramm. Jetzt mit Zwangsregistrierung nur noch ein Fall für den Papierkorb. Schade! aber Finger weg!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Dear OmmWriter user,

We’ve heard you. Some of you expressed your concern about the registration set up in the recently launched Gaia version of OmmWriter.

It was a big surprise for us, because our intention was to create a direct contact with our community of users, and be able to start a creative and inspirational conversation with you. Also, registration is not an uncommon thing to ask for within the world of applications.

But after reading your feedback, we understand that it could be seen as a breach of privacy by some of you. Of course, this was far from our purpose.

This is why we’ve decided to reconsider this feature. We’re removing the registration process from Gaia in the next update, which will be available in the upcoming weeks. So, please keep your eyes open.

We hope you keep enjoying OmmWriter for a very long time.

Best regards,
The OmmWriter Team

ma_ke ,

Oft kopiert, nie erreicht!

Wer ein bisschen hinter die Kulissen schaut und sich über Herraiz Soto & Co. informiert, dem wird schnell klar, dass dies keine einfache App-Schmiede ist, sondern dass hier Herzblut in eine Leidenschaft fliest. Umso wundervoller ist es, dass HS uns an dieser Leidenschaft des "distraction free"-Schreibens teilhaben lässt.

In einer Zeit, in der jede App mit Features nur so aufgeblasen wird (Kalender-Apps, die allen möglichen Firlefanz können, worunter die Übersichtlichkeit und der eigentliche Kern - der Kalender - leiden) liegt das Besondere gerade in der Schlichtheit, Einfachheit und Schönheit.

500 verschiedene Schriftarten? Fehlanzeige. 5-zeilige Leisten zur Layoutanpassung? Auch nicht.
Einfach nur Schreiben - auf einem Bildschirm ohne Notifications, blinkenden Icons und Messengern.
So wie es früher war. So wie es sein sollte.
So wie wir Menschen nun mal funktionieren wenn wir uns KONZENTRIEREN sollen.

Die Qualität dieser App spiegelt sich in der Qualität meiner Ergebnisse wider.

Danke Herraiz Soto, dass ihr euch trotz eines anderen Kerngeschäfts um diese App kümmert!


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