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With the Inventa IOS application you can view and download the data from animals, tracked by your VECTRONIC devices.

Seamlessly integrated into the Inventa platform, you can use one Inventa account to access the same data within the IOS application and the Inventa website. This includes:

* data from all your collars
* Positions, Mortality events, Mortality Implant events, Proximity events, Separation events, Trap events, and Vaginal Implant events
* collar groups, animals, animal groups, etc

Once downloaded you have access to it everywhere!

All this data is displayed in tables and can be filtered. In addition to all this data being displayed in tables, the Position data is also shown on a map. This map supports multiple features, such as showing the device's current position and different map layers (satellite, terrain, etc). All the data that is downloaded by the application is stored in a local database on the device. As a result, you can login and see already downloaded data even when your device does not have Internet access.

Further special features of the application include:
* optimized download behaviour to reduce Internet traffic
* sharing of Position and event data
* configuration of local settings
* possibility for multiple users to switch accounts using the same device

To control how much Internet traffic and storage space the application consumes, you can change multiple settings. On the one hand, there is the data limit. The data limit determines how much data is downloaded and stored. On the other hand, there is the data refresh interval. This interval determines how often the application checks online for new data.


Version 1.2.15

Fixed loading of user preferences


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