iXVL Player is a 3D model viewer for the iPad / iPhone to show XVL files and contents output from iXVL Publisher. It enables viewing and interrogation of 3D models using rotate, pan and zoom, assembly tree display, part properties display, show / hide assemblies or parts, viewing of previously defined snapshots and walkthroughs. You can show both the 3D model and detailed technical information, making it very useful for manufacturing industries.

* View XVL files created using iXVL Publisher. XVL files are typically less than 1% of the original CAD file size. (Only XVL files created with iXVL Publisher are supported.)
* Show work instruction contents and parts list contents published from iXVL Publisher on iPad.
* Easy, intuitive multi-touch operation to rotate, pan and zoom in/out  (Drag to rotate, Two-finger drag to pan, pinch to zoom in/out and One-finger long tap to set rotate center).
* Fit the screen to portrait and landscape according to the iPad / iPhone position.
* Apply snapshots created by Lattice3D Studio.
* Show assembly tree.
* Select assembly / parts.
* Show / Hide the selected assembly / parts.
* Show Properties of selected assembly / parts.
* Application includes icons to fit to screen and selected assembly / parts, restore original viewpoint and select shaded or shaded with wire display mode.
* Switch the display accuracy using 3 different levels.
* For assemblies, parts or annotations that have a link to a web page, tap the link to show the web page with Safari.
* Easily copy files to your iPad using the iTunes file transfer function.
* Download XVL files and save their URLs from any web server.
* List XVL files on your iPad / iPhone.
* Delete XVL files by swiping the file name.
* Six XVL sample files are included.
* Support for custom URL scheme and document type.
* Read encrypted XVL files with XVL Signer.
* Play process / disassembly / event animation.
* Available on iPad (5th Generation or later) / iPad mini 4 or later / iPad Air 2 or later / iPad Pro (1st Generation or later) / iPhone 6s or later / iPod Touch (7th Generation).

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Version 6.1

End of supporting Public Key Encryption.
Fixed bugs.


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