JAX ONE Reverb Extended 4+

Jens Guell

Entwickelt für iPad

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The JAX ONE series is a new collection of 3D modeled audio units (AUV3 app extensions), available across all Apple Silicon platforms and devices.
The user interface is based on Apples performant 3D frameworks and freely scaleble on all devices. You can even rotate and move the environment with common touch gestures.

JAX ONE Reverb Extended is a specific algorithmic reverb effect with only few controls but great flexible sound and character.
I can create convincing reverbs from short rooms to ultra large, irreal spaces. It is made for easy usage, realtime automation and MIDI control.
We extended this unit with useful connections to a specialized VCA and a Limiter. Both extension modules are connected to the processed part of the signal. A mix parameter will adjust the dry/wet relation to the taste.

Demo video : https://youtu.be/CEo_RDhXMH0
Manual : https://audio.digitster.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/JAX-ONE-Reverb.pdf

This build is truly 'universal', meaning, unit is available for:

- MacOS (Apple Silicon)
- iOS (iPhone)
- iPadOS (iPads)
- visionOS (Apple Vision Pro)

With one purchse you can install it on any of these devices.

Please note, that AudioUnits (AUv3) require a supporting host application to perform. The host must support MIDI enabled audio effects.


Version 1.4

- regular maintenance update
- performance optimizations
- code synchronisation
- beta versions timeout

latest information is always available on our product and support website at :


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