Working in the cloud... wherever you are, whenever you want. With the Jet Clouding mobile app, your Windows applications are available anywhere in real time, simply by using Wifi or Internet connections and your business data and applications are available anywhere in real time.
Jet Clouding is revolutionizing data management, information exchange and cooperation among all Application Servers - worldwide.

Whether you work completely in the cloud, in the secure data center, or decide to connect to your own Jet Clouding system, the Jet Clouding mobile app represents a paradigm shift for business data management.

The app can build up any number of connections simultaneously to different servers and sites. With just one click, you are connected to the server in Paris; with another, you start your CRM in Hong Kong. From smartphone to tablet, up to workstation - all end devices allow the same unlimited functionality for the same operation.

With Jet Clouding apps your devices are ready for use within a few minutes. Whether on your desktop or mobile device, the apps are a gateway to each Jet Clouding system. With the click or touch of a button, you are connected to a Jet Clouding server where you can use the provided programs, such as QuickBooks, SAP or Office, in real time - wherever you are.

When leaving your workspace, you will be able to continue to work seamlessly from your mobile device.

Most users already use smartphones or tablets for personal or business purposes. The Jet Clouding mobile app shows that mobile phones do not have to be limited to making phone calls or sending emails. Business professionals have unlimited mobile access to all data and applications inside and outside of their company facilities, and can make important decisions at any time and place. Since time is a crucial factor for businesses, the Jet Clouding mobile app becomes a partner of your success.

Jet Clouding goes mobile... anytime and anywhere, you can use all your business apps. Whether at your workplace, from home or in between... with the Jet Clouding mobile app, you always have a secure connection to your data via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

No learning curve... you work in the same user environment, with the same full software functionality that you know from the workplace. For mobile devices, the software adapts automatically to touch operations, but also to the smartphones smaller display size.


Version 1.0.1

Minor fixes


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