Joystick Mapper is an application that allows you to configure your joysticks or gamepads to simulate keyboard keys/mouse movement/mouse click/mouse scroll, so you can control any app or game using them, even the ones without built-in support.

A very good companion for First Person Shooters, Flash Games, Media Players, Photo Editing for example.

Works great with a variety of gamepads, including (but not limited to) Xbox, Logitech, Ps3, Ps4, Steelseries, Nintendo.

* Use any axis, dpads or buttons on your joystick to simulate keyboard and mouse;
* Map any of the 4 directions from an Analog Stick independently;
* Smooth mouse movement;
* Adjust mouse speed for analog sticks per direction individually, this can help with crappy gamepads;
* Analog Shoulder Triggers can be used as buttons;
* Any "weird" combination you want:
* Button/Dpad/Analog Stick/Analog Trigger --> Keyboard/Mouse/Click/Scroll;
* Ready-to-use examples, easily modifiable;
* Compatible with USB and Bluetooth Joysticks;
* Easy to use interface.

* To map Key-Combinations like Command+Q, just map two or more keys to the same input (in this example, one for Command and another for Q);
* Compatible with controllers that does use the standard HID Joystick interface;
* You may need to install a third party driver for Xbox controllers, you can find links to them in the Support site FAQ;
* If your PS3 gamepad does not respond to any input when connected using USB, just press the central "PS" button once;
* Wireless Xbox 360 Gamepads, sadly, does not use Bluetooth, you may need an adapter in this case. Search on the web for "Microsoft Wireless Gaming Receiver";
* Other similar apps may prevent Joystick Mapper from operating correctly, if you have one and have problems, please disable them before using Joystick Mapper
* If you have problems and need assistance, please visit the support site

Check also the *Joystick Show* application to be able to test any Joysticks/Gamepads in a easy and nice way.


Version 1.2

Hello users, we apologize for the delay in updating the application. It took a lot of effort to convert the app to 64-bit and fix several bugs that have been around for years, as a bonus now we have a faster application. Note that there are issues to be fixed and the application may have problems disconnecting gamepads (this is being investigated), but now the application is functional on macOS Catalina. Please if you find errors and problems, please let us know so we can fix them as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding and have fun!

Changes in this version:
* 64 bit support
* Preliminary macOS 10.15 Catalina support
* The app is now much faster
* Warning: The minimum supported macOS version is now 10.9
* Input in the config window are now highlighted!
* You can map up to 32 mouse buttons now!
* You can enable the preset before connecting the gamepad and it still works now!
* Steelseries controllers Dpad and Menu Buttons fixed
* Xbox one S Bluetooth controllers triggers fixed
* Fixed a problem where sometimes the app comes to foreground unexpectedly
* Many other bug fixes

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Der Bommel ,

Super Tool!

Hatte massive Probleme mit einem Spiel. Die Maussteuerung funktionierte gar nicht und der xbox 360 Controller nur partiell. Änderungen in den Configdateien des Spiels haben zumindest den Controller teilweise nutzbar gemacht. Aber leider nur teilweise und nicht vollständig. Der Support des Spieleherstellers hat ebenfalls nicht helfen können. Das Spiel war also aufgrund von Steuerungsproblemen nicht spielbar. Ich bin bei meiner Recherche im Internet dann auf dieses Programm gestossen. Bei einem Preis von 4,99 hab ich nicht lange überlegt und einfach mal zugeschlagen. Dieses Programm ist ein vielfaches der 4,99 Wert! Mein Controller ist in dem Spiel nun voll nutzbar! Ich bin darüberhinaus nun in der Lage, meinen Controller in jedem Spiel und jeder Anwendung meinen Vorlieben entsprechend anzupassen und für jedes Spiel/Programm ein eigenes Setting abzuspeichern. Eine meiner besten Anschaffungen im MacAppStore!

chsrus ,

Wunderbar: Lightroom Steuerung mit Playstation3 Controller möglich

Ich wollte einen Playstation3 Controller verwenden, um die Arbeit in Lightroom zu beschleunigen: Bildauswahl, d.h. welches Bild behält und löscht man. PS3 Controller per Bluetooth verbinden, Joystick Mapper installieren, neues Profil anlegen, Tasten den entsprechenden Funktionen zuweisen und am Ende per Haken aktivieren. Hervorragend!

thymjan ,


Habe die App mit einem rock candy Controller getestet. Funktioniert einfach und intuitiv.


Rodrigo Rocha
1.8 MB

OS X 10.9 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor



5,49 €


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