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JuBiter Wallet 2.0
- There are many things to worry about in the crypto world. Security is always the top priority.

JuBiter wallet 2.0 is not only the official companion to JuBiter Blade - the cryptocurrency hardware wallet produced by JuBiter, but also a feature-rich cryptocurrency software wallet. Its careful design allows it to meet all your needs for managing cryptocurrencies. You can either use it with JuBiter Blade to add more security to your digital assets, or you can just take it as an easy-to-use software wallet to conveniently manage your digital assets. juBiter Wallet 2.0, it's all up to you.

-Digital assets supported: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classical, Lite coin, Dash coin, USD Tether and all ERC-20 tokens.
-Address path setting: same digital assets with different paths.
-Support both legacy and segwit Bitcoin addresses.
-Catch up with market trends.
-Push every transaction informations and latest news.

-Local private key generation and storage with encryption of user’s PIN.
-App server does not store user’s PIN or recovery phrases. If you have forgotten your PIN or lost your recovery phrases, JuBiter cannot retrieve it for you.
-For JuBiter Blade users, secret stays in JuBiter Blade device. JuBiter app has no access to the private key.
-Blind PIN input.
-Isolated wallet generation and recovery.
-Receiving address check up with JuBiter Blade.
-Transaction confirmation with JuBiter Blade.
-Secure anti-counterfeit authentication of JuBiter Blade devices and convenient hardware wallet firmware updates.

For more information, follow us with:
Website: www.jubiterwallet.com
Facebook: facebook.com/JuBiterWallet
Twitter: twitter.com/JuBiterWallet


JuBiter Wallet 2.0

JuBiter Wallet 2.0不仅是JuBiter Blade硬件钱包的官方配套应用,同样也是功能丰富的数字货币软件钱包。JuBiter Wallet 2.0的精心设计让它可以满足您管理加密数字货币的所有需求。您既可以配合JuBiter Blade一起使用,为您的数字资产增添更高的安全性,也可以将它当做简单易用的软件钱包来方便地管理您的数字资产。JuBiter Wallet 2.0,一切由您做主。


-如果您拥有JuBiter Blade,它将生成和存储您的私钥和PIN码,JuBiter应用无法接触您的密钥和PIN码;
-使用JuBiter Blade离线创建和恢复您的钱包;
-使用JuBiter Blade硬件钱包检查您的接收地址,确保收款无忧;
-配合JuBiter Blade硬件钱包进行交易确认;
-安全的JuBiter Blade设备防伪认证及方便的硬件钱包固件更新功能。

Facebook: facebook.com/JuBiterWallet
Twitter: twitter.com/JuBiterWallet


Version 2.7.0

JuBiter Wallet
- Version 2.7.0

New Features:
Show your NFTs in JuBiter APP! A new NFT tag will be found in the ETH page, which will display all the NFTs in your ETH address. You could also send your NFTs to others in NFT detailed page.

More improvements:
-A display bug in TRX transaction history has been fixed, and basic performance improved.

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1,0 von 5
1 Bewertung

1 Bewertung

Nickidicki ,

Only SegWit (P2SH) and no native SegWit (bech32) possible

Unfortunately I have to change my rating again. Because it is even worse. I don't have a native segwit (bech32) address as first assumed. It is only a non-native segwit (P2SH) address. You only get this address if you create a second wallet. So you have to handle two different accounts to receive Bitcoin on segwit (P2SH) and normal addresses (P2PKH). There should be to use all three kinds of adresses under one and the same wallet. The technique to do this is there. I don't want to go to a subaccount for every kind of addresses.
Now comes the next problem. Whenever I want to have a new address I have to create a new wallet. That is really complicated. Why not do it all under one account. In my opinion the developers are making it too easy for themselves and I wonder what they have created a new app for if it is not better than the old one.

If I want to receive Bitcoin on the Jubiter Blade Hardware Wallet without a smartphone. Then it will only work with an address in the old format (P2PKH). Only with Smartphone I can receive bitcoin on the Jubiter Blade with segwit (P2SH) addresses. Unfortunately the whole system is not very mature. I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately it won't work that way. I will keep the great Bitcoin hardware wallet in the closet until the app has been improved and the basics are understood. At the same time I will get myself a ledger. They make it reasonable.


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