Just Timers is the missing timers app with Siri support.

This app allows you to create multiple running timers while also controlling them with your voice using Siri. You can assign voice shortcuts to individual timers or control all of them at once.

This app allows you to create 2 timers for free. You can unlock Unlimited Timers with an In-App Purchase.

* Multiple Timers
Making tea while also timing your laundry? With Just Timers you can track as many timers as you want and get notified when each one expires.

* Persistent Timers
The timers you create don't disappear after they're done. You can give them relevant names and use them over and over for repeated tasks.

* Siri Shortcuts
Add voice shortcuts to your timers so you can control them with Siri. Create a 2 minute tea timer, add a voice shortcut, then just ask Siri "start tea timer". It's as easy as that!

* Apple Watch
Create, start and stop timers right from your wrist. Use Siri for hands-free control over your timers.

* Today Widget
Quickly glance at your timers using the Today Widget without needing to open the app.

* 3D Touch
Hard press on the home screen icon to reveal the widget and quick actions for your timers.

* iPad Support
Just Timers is a universal iOS app, so it'll work on iPhone and iPad. Create and control timers wherever you need them!

* Dark Mode
The app also supports dark mode if the default theme is too bright for night time usage.


Version 1.4.5

- Fixes an issue pausing timers using Shortcuts.
- Fixes an issue creating timers using Shortcuts
- Today Widget background color now follows dark mode settings
- Fixes an issue where "New Timer" button could disappear on Apple Watch when very long timer names are used
- Dark Mode: Now supports automatic dark mode switching in app settings, with the option to override.
- Silent notifications: If you just want your phone to vibrate when a timer completes, enable this to silence notification sounds.
- Fixes an issue with notifications not properly changing states between Apple Watch and iPhone.
- Repeating notifications: Instead of only one notification for a timer completing, you will now get up to 4 notifications, one every 30 seconds, to remind you to stop the timer.
- Sound: If you have the sound turned on for your phone, the notification tone will now play for the full 30 seconds of each notification until stopped.
- Added settings toggles for repeating notifications and sounds
- Hours: The hours have been increased from 23 to 99, helpful for medications and things that may take longer than a day.

Previous Notes:
Added support for iOS 13
Added more easily accessible contact options for email and Twitter to the bottom of the settings page.
If you are experiencing a problem, please reach out to us via email or Twitter so we can better assist.

Fixes an issue on the Apple Watch where the "new timer" button would become inaccessible for very long timer names.
Fixed a few UI bugs

The Apple Watch app is here!
- Create, start and stop timers right from your wrist
- Use Siri Shortcuts to control timers completely hands-free using only your watch
- Quickly launch Just Timers using watch complications
- Issue where some users were unable to install watch app
- Issue where long names on Apple Watch would overlap the duration text underneath
- Removed "delete all" from 3D Touch menu on Apple Watch, split reset/restart functions into separate categories for same menu
- Issue with dark mode for “stop timers” text on New/Edit Timers screen
- Changed full color complications to single color to keep things simple and aligned with the other complications
- Added support for all complication types
- Extends timeout period for initial sync between watch and phone to 30 seconds. On failed sync, user will receive an alert describing what happened with instructions that should fix it. Instead of just displaying an error, it will now attempt to load timers that were last synced to the watch if they are available. This should help users that need timers but their phone is unavailable for whatever reason.
- Fixes bug when running the intro tutorial from the Settings page
- Minor UI tweak

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.2 von 5
5 Bewertungen

5 Bewertungen

Thesamesons ,

Gute App

Tolle App, funktioniert gut. Wünsche mir nur eigene Töne für die Alarme.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Vielen Dank für die Überprüfung, benutzerdefinierte Töne kommen in Version 2

(apologies, my German isn’t great, but thank you for the review! custom tones are coming in version 2)

jörch1205 ,

Läuft nicht im Hintergrund

Auf meiner Apple Watch erinnert mich die App nur, wenn ich sie öffne. Das macht wenig Sinn für mich. Vielleicht gibt’s dafür ne technische Lösung, ich hab lange gesucht, aber nichts gefunden

Entwickler-Antwort ,

could you contact please? your notifications may need fixed

Könnten Sie bitte kontaktieren? Ihre Benachrichtigungen müssen möglicherweise behoben werden

AreAllTheNicknamesAlreadyTaken ,

Finally Multiple Simultaneous Timers!

It works really well and solves the pressing issue that the stock iOS timer to this day still only supports one active timer.


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    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

  • Siri

    Erledige Dinge in dieser App nur mit deiner Stimme.

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