Type with one hand, no special hardware required! I wrote Keyb while holding my sleeping daughter in one hand. It’s also great for permanent and temporary disabilities, or tasks where you want to keep one hand on the mouse, like gaming or spreadsheets.

How does it work? Simply hold down the spacebar, and the left and right half of your keyboard magically swap places. The two halves are mirrored, so if you would normally type a letter with your left middle finger, use your right middle finger. The same is true in the other direction. If you can already touch-type, you’ll be surprised how quickly your brain gets used to it!

There's no need to configure which hand you are going to use. Simply launch the app and check the box to enable one-handed typing. That's it!

Note: Keyb has not been tested with any keyboard layouts other than US-English QWERTY. Other layouts or languages may work. If they don’t, please contact me with more info.

Privacy information: Keyb requires accessibility permission in order to work, because it needs to intercept and modify the letters you type. It never saves what you type, and does not connect to the Internet or send your keystrokes anywhere. The letters you type are private to you! Neither the maker of Keyb nor Apple can access them. If you're technically inclined, Keyb is open-source, so you can see for yourself at


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