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James Froggatt

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Build your own keyboard!

Touchscreen keyboards don't need to be one-size-fits-all, so let's change that! With Keybuild, you choose the layout, the keys, everything.

Keys can be set up to type whatever you want! Letters, greek letters (ɑ, β, ɣ), maths symbols (π, ∫, ∑), arrows (↑→↓←), or even your favourite emoji can be added and organised depending on your needs.

Create multiple ‘panes’, each containing keys arranged using a stack-based layout, and switch between them with either an automatic menu, or direct links.

Add a small number row to your Qwerty keyboard, or have a try using Azerty or Colemak layouts. Build a keyboard that can keep up with your maths-heavy university course, or specialist profession. Or just make a dashboard for your favourite emoji. Or do all that and more, it's up to you!

This app does its best to supports VoiceOver, and accessibility APIs.

Technical note: This app is 99% SwiftUI, which is as close as you can get while we wait for the ‘SwiftUI Lifecycle’ to come to Custom Keyboard Extensions! SwiftUI powers this app's advanced functionality, as well as some of its more unusual bugs. :)

Disclaimer: This iPad app is available on Apple Silicon Macs, but macOS currently does not support keyboard extensions. Still waiting for that tablet Mac!


Version 1.7.3

This update fixes a rare case where key presses might not register.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

2,8 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen

ВикторНеЗанято ,

Impossible to add keyboard.

Not listed in third party keyboards. No direct access to support in app. Just useless for now. Maybe it’s my personal problem. But be aware.

Pepe Soup ,

Awesome, but only if you like to tinker

This is nothing for regular users, but if you like to tinker and customizing your stuff, this is the right app you.

You can set longpress, shift and shift+longpress actions for every key (e.g. Shift backspace for delete), you can make multiple keyboards and link them, like the iOS default keyboard does wirh spwcial characters, you cam define your lqyout just how you like it.

Fancy a keyboard with only one row? Keybuild got you. Feel free to do whatever.

You want to have .,: and ; on one key to save space? Keybuild got you!

This app is pure awesome!


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