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On Konvi, you can buy stake in rare limited edition luxury assets and diversify your 21st-century financial portfolio with appreciating assets starting as low as €250 per share!

Konvi allows users to purchase stakes in the rarest luxury assets on the globe such as rare timepieces, fine wine, art and so on. Through crowdfunding these hand-selected items, Konvi democratises the access to rare, high-end luxury assets for the broader population. High-end luxury assets as part of financial portfolios have been reserved exclusively to the elite for too long!

How Konvi works:
1) Curation
Through partnerships with world-leading luxury funds, Konvi scouts the market for luxury items with high potential to appreciate in value*. Thanks to our partner funds, we are able to access these items at the best price. Konvi takes a 5% scouting fee for finding these items and co-ordinating all financial transactions.

2) Crowdfunding
You and all future co-owners put down capital to purchase your chosen asset. Once the item's funding target is achieved, you will receive an official notice through the Konvi app. The item will then be purchased, and the appreciation period will begin.

3) Hold and earn
Konvi makes sure all crowdfunded luxury items are securely stored for the agreed upon term. In the future, we will also display these crowdfunded items in exhibitions. You will benefit from all profits through the distribution of dividends.

4) Cash out
Within 6 months after the appreciation period, Konvi and its partners will sell the crowdfunded luxury asset through the wide network of collectors. With the help of market experts, Konvi will find the best price on the market at that time to ensure the highest possible returns to our community.

Start Now:
Download our app now and register you non-binding profile for free at Konvi. Start browsing our items and learn about the luxury space by reading our magazine. For any questions or concerns please always reach out to us, we are happy to help you with all kinds of questions on Konvi! We update our assets regularly, thus, checking out the app on a regular basis will be worth it!

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Safety & Security:

Konvi manages each asset according to a comprehensive set of rules for the benefit of our community. Our assets are safely stored with our renowned partners in specialty facilities.

Your transactions are processed by the EU crowdfunding regulation. Through the level of diligence, care, and maintenance we put into each asset, combined with asset classes that has historically delivered favourable returns, we aim to deliver an inclusive experience to everyone in our Konvi community.

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Disclaimers & Disclosures:

Crowdfunding on Konvi has significant risks and may not be suitable for everyone. Prior results are not indicative of future performance; actual results may vary materially. Users must bear the risk of loss for an indefinite period of time.

Please carefully review the applicable offering statement before making any crowdfunding decision. For additional risks and disclaimers, please visit www.konvi.app.


Version 1.9.2

Added push notifications.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4,5 von 5
8 Bewertungen

8 Bewertungen

Nik.kan ,

The safest alternative Investment service out there

Compared to the competitors in the industry I have noticed that Konvi is the only one collaborating with established industry experts. This makes the investments not only less speculative but is also comforting.

Jethus ,

Nicht überzeugend

Es gibt nur sehr wenige Anlagemöglichkeiten, dazu braucht man außerdem eine Kreditkarte.

Gesk95 ,

Finally a good way to invest in luxury assets!

I was looking for a good way to invest in luxury assets for a while now but unfortunately there wasn’t an easy and cheap way to do so yet - With Konvi I can finally diversify by investing in luxury watches profitably and conveniently!


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