With Let’s Walk There! you can take an audio tour through Athens Greece, without even stepping outside.

Your audio tour guide, Lydia, will describe Greece & the Olympics long history. Natural street sounds will make you feel like you're actually walking through Athens with her.

You’ll stroll past Athen’s ruins, museums & attractions like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where you can hear the changing of the guard. Lydia will reveal the secrets, history and give insight into each place you walk by.

All of this action is powered by you! You'll progress along your path through Athens by walking around the room, or on a treadmill, or even by riding a stationary bike. Of course a walk around your neighborhood will also do the trick, as will any sort of movement detected by your phone's built-in pedometer.

Unlike other exercise apps, we don't collect your location data, because we don't need it. Let's Walk There! is powered by your movement, not your location.

The app includes a one mile / 1.6 kilometer free trial-walk with plenty of features to let you try it out. There’s a single In-App Purchase that will get you the rest of the walk, which in total is 10 miles or 16 kilometers.

* - In total, over 500 audio files will describe what you would be seeing, if you were walking in Greece. This includes ambient audio actually recorded in Athens. You'll hear traffic noise, street musicians, and birds chirping as you take a relaxing walk through the National Park, a 38 acre park in the middle of the city.

* - In total, over 500 images taken in Athens, of famous landmarks, buildings, monuments, statues, and paintings contributed to the project by people from all over the world.

* - In total, over 125 external internet links to Wikipedia, YouTube, and other education and travel sites, where you can dig down deeper to learn more about the interesting topics you'll uncover.

*- Throughout your walk, Lydia will award you stickers, (over 100 in total), that you can send to friends through iMessage, sharing what you've found on your virtual journey.

* - Let's Walk There! integrates with the Apple Health app, keeping track of your workouts and making your progress count towards your health goals, and closing your green exercise ring.

* -Let's Walk There! integrates with the Apple Music app, allowing you to optionally play curated Greek music, or music from your own library while you walk.


Version 1.1

Minor changes to some fonts and colors that weren't behaving in light mode.
Fixed some broken links, changing some links in favor of better ones.
Add some info to the FAQ.


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