Explore an interactive human body. Learn physiology and medicine in an innovative way.

- Experiment with different medications, feed some food to the body, make it fall asleep, run some blood tests, monitor EKG of the heart...
- Explore 200+ common medications, food and hormones.
- Explore 100+ physiological and pathological conditions.
- Observe each unique organ and learn about their functionalities. After all, they've accompanied you till now.
- Experience emergency situations, provide artificial ventilation, start CPR, use the defibrillator...
- Activate different scenarios: anxiety, allergy, inflammation...
- Observe representations of biology receptors in each organs.
- Tap any medical terms to learn more!

* Medications in the app are only representative. The real mechanisms are much more complex. The effectiveness, interactions and onsite times are significantly simplified for the usage of the app and not always reflecting the real situation.
* The intent of the content is to provide a constructive and educational platform for all users and is NOT intended as medical diagnosis. Any treatment of specific symptoms showcased in the app must be treated by a licensed physician.

Read full terms of use at


Version 1.5.1

- new medication added:
diuretics, TPA

- blood work improved and new sections added:
CRP, INR, D-dimer, Troponin

- new Emergency added:
Ischemic Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke

- new conditions included:
Thyroid Storm, Shock

- Pharmacokinetics:
updated antithrombotic medicine
updated thyroid hormone

improved ECG for different fibrillation conditions
wrong injection units fix
fixed an issue that causes consumed medicine and food to fall out

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.5 von 5
8 Bewertungen

8 Bewertungen

General JTR ,

Good concept but too unprecise

Overall I like the app and it’s features, but...

When injecting a drug you are basically unable to give the correct volume, due to the fact that no concentration of the substance is given.

gog5 ,

Incredible App, perhaps best ever

Never seen anything like this! Great app to learn about the body, medicine and biochemistry as well as nutrition and so much more!
On top of the usefulness also beautifully designed and intuitive to use.
Sometimes a few more options or explanations would be good but I’m sure future updates will keep this app moving forward and can’t wait to see what’s to come.

mypointofview ,

Basically good, beautifully designed, some major flaws

Optically I love the app and the ideas and intentions behind it are just amazing, but I don't understand why I cannot set precise weight, age and so forth. I'm not 180lb nor 140lb... what should I choose...

Or am I missing something?

For those flaws I cannot take it too seriously.
Would that be so complicated? For these pro features I would rather be paying for it, no problems ;-)


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