LifeTap is your group's recommendation engine.

Lifetap gives you personalised recommendations when you are with your groups of friends, family, colleagues, or with your partner, about Netflix and Prime movies & series, restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, clubs, museums, parks, and many more places around you, that all of you will love!

LifeTap is able to do this by using an artificial intelligence (AI) that combines the personalities of group members, machine learning and opinion dynamics. It will help you make daily life decisions.

- You don’t have to waste time searching for places on apps like Yelp, Google maps, Tripadvisor, Quandoo, Opentable, Netflix, Prime, etc, checking their reviews and photos and getting confused. LifeTap’s AI does the searching on behalf of you and your group.

- By knowing the personalities of your group members, LifeTap’s AI virtually simulates negotiations and presents you with optimal recommendations that all the group members will love.

- Everything is completely automated. Recommendations are given to you and your groups in less than 1 second.

You can ask LifeTap to show you “places around me” or in other locations.
If you are not sure what you would like to do, Life Tap will recommend to you “Things to do” that you will love, everytime you open the app by default.

When you like a recommendation, you can mark that as an event for yourself or the group you’re hanging out with. You can plan events for future dates with your groups and chat with them. All of this in one app.

All the events you’ve scheduled for restaurants, bars, movies, cafes, etc, for the future or in the past are organised in a beautiful calendar view. This allows you to track your schedule, plan your day, and become more productive.

Irrespective whether you have plans for a date night, netflix movies with friends, restaurant with colleagues, social events with family, or are unsure about things to do, use LifeTap, your group’s ultra-personalised recommendation engine.

LifeTap’s recommendations are tailored to your personality, preferences, taste and social interaction with your group members.
This means LifeTap takes privacy very seriously. The app does not track you, and does not show ads, nor plan to.

LifeTap is available in Germany, Italy, India, United Kingdom and United States.
If you are installing LifeTap from any city except the ones mentioned below, you will only be shown Netflix and Prime movies & series recommendations. LifeTap’s team is working hard to open the app in more cities and countries.

Cities in which LifeTap will recommend you all the places and things to do are:
Berlin, Chicago, London, Milan, Mumbai, NYC, SF.

LifeTap’s recommendations get better with your feedback. Feel free to reach out to us with feedback, ideas and suggestions.


Version 1.6.7

* Improved recommendations for movies and series
* Location issue fixed
* Some minor bug fixes

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

5,0 von 5
7 Bewertungen

7 Bewertungen

gordon.91 ,

It helps me save a lot of time

I am using it with friends and we get great recommendations for us all together, without the hassle of spending too much time!

philippa12 ,

Finding movies with my boyfriend

Since we started using Lifetap, we get amazing movie recommendations… saving lot of time!


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