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List-it is ‘the new kid on the block’ when talking about todo apps. We believe that a todo app should be easy and fun to use as it is all about finishing those tasks, instead of learning about hundreds of features. That is why we launched List-it, an app for everyone to use and everyone to understand. Based on some of the principles of ‘Getting things done’. Forget about todo lists on Post-it’s, pieces of paper you easily lose or in your Notes app. We have the world's most effective productivity app for you.

- We encourage doing instead of planning
- Smart notifications to get you going
- User experience is our priority
- Fast onboarding and super rapid creation of tasks

We just launched a new version of the app!
We added a big new feature: a grocery list.
So put your daily groceries in a separate list. Invite your family, friends or housemates to your grocery list, so they can participate.

This version also includes:
Your todos are backed up and you can sync them between devices

- A paid subscription is required for Groceries, but only for the owner of the list. The rest can join for free.
- To use backup and sync you have to create an account

Our key features are:
- Fast onboarding
- Adding todos based on the ‘getting things done’ principle
- Add a todo based on ‘priority’ and ‘when’
- Notifications once a day, we won’t spam you
- Share todos with others
- Multiple fast routes to complete, delete: just swipe
- Drag & drop your todos
- A great tutorial to keep you going
- Beautiful and intuitive interface
- An easy-to-use grocery list which you can share with others
- Share a grocery list with your friend, wife, dog, just with anyone who is picking up the groceries
- Or use it for personal use
- Change, add or complete items bought
- Share the list in multiple ways

There is however much more to planned in the upcoming months. We will keep on improving and evolving based on our List-it community needs. The basic functionality will always be free.

Shared todo’s:
- Create multiple todo lists for several projects
- Delegate todo’s to group members
- Add as many members as you like
- Invite non List-it users ‘to the party’

- Dark mode
- Search
- Add todos via Share Sheet
- Return your todos from the archive to your list

Our todo list app is forever free. Some features require a paid subscription.

Our privacy policy:
Our terms & conditions:
More about us:

For questions, feedback or tips we’re happy to help you at

Connect with us and the rest of the List-it Community:


Version 1.1.1

We fixed some bugs:
- Badge on home screen displays correct number
- General bug fixes & improvements

Released earlier in version 1.1.0:
- Create an account
- Backup your todos
- Sync your todos between devices
- A brand new list! My groceries

We will regularly update the app to make your experience even better!
We love to get your feedback, mail us at or use "Report an issue" or
"Feature request" in the support section of the app.


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