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Sabrina Griesbacher

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Enter a World of Fantasy Stories

Welcome to Lovepages!
Let us invite you to a world full of mystery, love story and hot relationships. Choose your type of interactive stories and make your stories based on the choices you make.
Whether you want to be a part of interactive stories straight out of a romantic novel, movie or a book, this one of the best choose your story games and the perfect game for you to play.

Explore a broad range of steamy new love story lines and decide your destiny based on the choices you make!

Immersive interactive Stories Experience

Are you ready to turn your fantasy stories dreams into reality?

Would you like to make your stories where choices matter and you can experience a love story of your dreams?

With this one of the best choose your story games app, you get to take control of interactive stories and make different choices to lead the direction of story episodes. Decide your destiny with every choice you make in this exciting love story game.

On top of that, you get to experience the best of story episodes and different scenarios where choices matter more than anything else.

Lead the direction of interactive stories of four different types and more to come!

With every different choice you make, the outcome will change and thus, you can decide your destiny.

Try LovePages – Interactive Romance Stories You Play now!

Here is what's waiting for you: Beautiful artscenes, multitude of steamy interactive stories choices, exciting and capturing fantasy stories with a different outcome each time. Make your story where you can choose to fall for your favorite crush and experience some hot moments.

Choose Your Love Story
Story 1: Mafia Series: Rome
Mia's best friend died on a drug overdose. On her way of bringing the responsible drug lord down she stumbles over Diego Moretti, young, sexy and ruthless heir of the famous Moretti cartel.

Story2: The Alpha's Destiny
Loona is an orphan. Returning nightmares of a big silver wolf in the woods are hunting her dreams. What a shame that the new foster family is living in the middle of a scary forest. Will the handsome quarterback Kale be able to take her fears away?
Many more interactive steamy stories to be added soon!

Make Your Stories as You Go
Prepare to experience some lovely intimate moments together with your ideal fantasy stories crush and make tough choices to decide your destiny. At every step of the way, your choices matter in defining the outcome of the story and you are free to savor all types of endings. All you need to do is get some diamonds and use them for making a choice freely!

Features of LovePages – Interactive Romance Stories You Play
• Simple and easy to play choose your story games UI/UX
• Experience steamy interactive stories with different outcomes
• Make choices matter and decide your destiny in fantasy stories
• Complete the story episodes depending upon what you decide
• Make your stories and experience exciting new story episodes outcomes
• Choose from a range of exciting interactive stories
• Regular steamy stories update guarantee!

Download and use LovePages – Interactive Romance Stories You Play today!


Version V2.0006.002


The Fallen Chapter 1
Mumbai Chapter 1
are now available for new players again.

Thank you for your support!

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4,8 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen


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