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Meet the world’s first truly smart design lamp where you can control the intensity, direction, and color of your light. Illuminate any part of your room in any brightness you want with simple paint gestures on your smartphone. Discover our “Paint your Light” control for Luke Roberts smart lamps.

Independently control downlight and uplight on your Luke Roberts smart lamp. Simply pick a light color and paint in the desired direction to illuminate that part of your room.

Paint your ceiling in vibrant colors to make any moment special. Mix colors and project them in different directions. Create a cozy atmosphere with glare-free indirect lighting.

Choose from a number of preset light scenes, customize them or simply create your own and save them in the app.

Switch between light scenes in your Notification Center without launching the App.


Version 1.6.1

Minor fixes and improvements

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3,0 von 5
17 Bewertungen

17 Bewertungen

unbekannter ,


HomeKit hat nicht geklappt, aber vielleicht ist ein neuer Anlauf mit Matter eine Möglichkeit. Vielleicht geht es ja einfacher und auch wenn man dann nur eine Farbe an machen kann (oben bzw. unten). Manchmal will man ja nur das, wenn man mehr will nur man die LukeR-App.

Wäre toll wenn ihr es noch mal probiert.

*iJake* ,

Funktioniert zuverlässig, aber mit deutlich Luft nach Oben

Ich vermisse ein paar Dinge (wichtigstes zuerst)
- Sortieren von Szenen (sonst Klickt man sich zu Tode am Lichtschalter)
- Separater Dimm-Regler wäre toll (um eine Szene nicht jedes Mal editieren zu müssen, wenn man sie ein wenig heller/dunkler möchte)
- Zeitlich gesteuertes Stufenloses Überblenden zwischen zwei Szenen wäre schön

Bitte verbessert diese App, sonst kann ich die Lampe nicht so wärmstens meinen Freunden empfehlen, wie ich gerne würde!

theallmightyprof ,

Hardware fantastic, the app just so okay

First of all the concept of the hardware is ingenious and (except for the base cover) beautifully executed.

The app works, it finds and connects to the lamp without a problem and is extremely swift in changing the settings.

Here's what's not so great (yet, I'd hope):
- On my iPad Mini I always get the useless compass calibration which never finishes and need to skip
- How do I rearrange scenes? Especially with the "next scene" I'd really like to be able to do that, or even better let me decide which scenes the lamp will cycle through using the wall switch.
- The color selector in the middle of the circle is useless, I always hit that by accident and it's close to impossible to control the center of the lamp
- What about adhoc changes? I'd like to be able to make changes on the fly (and keep them!), if I don't save to a scene the scene reverts back to the previous one when I lay down the device
- Can we please get a lock option to keep the rotation in place in the UI and avoid having to go through the alignment process all the time?
- Some more drawing options would be nice, why can't I simply draw a line to light up my dining table perfectly? What about gradients instead of having to pick a ton of colors manually?
- Why can't I paint with individual color temperature on the downlight? Is that a hardware limitation?
- Any plans to add a random mode or even color changes/animation?


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