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Find your music buddy & match
You can match and meet people with similar music tastes at makromusic. You can easily sign up with your Spotify account.

Chatting with people who have the same music taste as you is more fun, right?
With makromusic, you can easily find people listening to the same music at the same time as you. You can match and meet with them instantly. More?

You can share posts about your favorite artists and tracks while having new friends. You don't even have to sign up, using your Spotify account to be connected would be enough. Also, it is totally free!

If you want, you can match according to your profile or music you listen to instantly. How is it? By connecting with your Spotify account, you actively share with us or share your favorite artists and songs that you have listened to before. We also match you with the people who are closest to your taste or listen to the same music at the same time. You can start chatting after viewing the profiles of the people you match with.

makromusic is designed in the best way for you. We want you to spend your precious time in the most fun and fluid way.

3 ways to find your music buddy and match in makromusic!

If you turn on instant pairing, we will match you with people listening to the same music simultaneously as you in makromusic

If you turn on Matching by Profile, we will match you with the person with the best taste of music, according to your listening habits on Spotify. You may both be listening to the same artists, the same songs, both of your favorite songs could be by one of the extraordinary bands.

On the Discover page, you can access people who are actively listening to music in makromusic. If your Spotify account is premium, you can choose the music you want from the explorer and have the same music open for you, and you can match the person listening to that music.

There are many ways to match in makromusic, as long as you want to match and chat with the same music lover.

On the chat page, you can access messages from people you have already matched with. You can continue the conversation with the person you wish from where you left off. Hmm, is there something you don't like? You can tell us by pulling the message to the left on the chat page or by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner of the conversation screen. You can be sure that we will achieve the best result for you! We want the makromusic experience to be at the most comfortable stage.

From ''my profile page'', you can see your favorite artists, your favorite songs and the songs you last heard. So you can easily share the taste of music with your mates and friends.

By reviewing the profiles of the people you are matching with, you can see your match rate, common songs, partner artists and why you are matched. So you can manage your matches in the healthiest way.

How do we use Spotify APIs?

We get the Email address, name and username, profile picture, and public playlists to which the Spotify account is linked. This information allows you to quickly register with makromusic. We want you to match and meet the people closest to the music taste quickly without losing time. Remember, you can always update this information as you like from the settings section.

We try to understand the music taste by taking the music you have played last, the content you have played, your favorite artists, and their favorite content. In this way, we match you with the person closest to the taste of music.

By doing the song changing action on the device to which the Spotify account is connected, we enable you to open the music quickly without logging out from the makromusic whenever you want to listen to the same music with the person you match with in makromusic. So we want you to have uninterrupted chat and user experience.

You can easily delete your makromusic account and saved data from the "Settings" section whenever you want.

You can review our privacy policy at

What are you waiting for? Download makromusic and start to match!


Version 4.1.8

The expected update has arrived!

-You can now share your Instagram profile on makromusic

makromusic is developing more and more every day. Keep sharing your feedback with us! Your ideas are very valuable to us.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3,9 von 5
51 Bewertungen

51 Bewertungen

samed345 ,


Dear @makromusic you did a great job 👏you created a different preference-based social media platform. The matches, the feed, and the various feed options are eye catching. The chat offers the option to share music as well and every profile has a explicit music taste.

I always miss a few options if i want to share a song. GIFs or even videos should be shareable. I also miss a different design for the posts. I would recommend a different layout for the profiles to see the posts well-oredered (as instagram did). I hope the option to make storys stays closed because it isn‘t necessary. A regulator for the „follow“ button should also be invented. A lot of goblins are following 2k, 3k, 4k people to „built“ a fake kind of fame, this ruins the „trending feed“.

Additionally i would like to set up my profile with a spotify-separated playlist. we should be able to create makro-playlists. Playlists for our profiles and playlists to share with the

I would also love to see a voice recording option, or the basic option to upload your own voice or music to share. This option would turn the whole app to a new kind of soundcloud. This move could change the game 👌🏻
All in all im happy with your work, feel entertained and wish y‘all a groundbreaking 2021 🙋

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hi, we would like to say that we take your comment into consideration. makromusic is getting better every day.😊✌🏼 makromusic is designed and developing for you. Stay in touch!

Noahder1999ger ,

Waste of time!

If you think to open an account, just don’t do it. The app is full of performance issues and it takes all of your data and without any permissions given (Example, I didn’t want them to see all my pictures so I chose the option “choose pictures” but they always showed all of the pics so whatever you allow them they already stole it). Also the performance of the App is very bad and the overall design is not good for new users.

Last thing, if you want to use the app fully you have to pay 11€. Paying for a bad made app that doesn’t work properly and steals data? I hope you don’t! [would give zero stars if possible]

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hallo! We would like to say that we take your comment into consideration. It is not possible to experience such a situation due to the privacy policy we apply. You can access our privacy policy both from within the application and on our website. Our team works really hard to provide you the best makromusic experience 😍 makromusic is designed and developing for you. ou can send your feedbacks via our instagram account @makromusiceng Take care!😍😍

aleynalici ,


Please bring the old version back, where i can see the posts🥴🥴

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hello, thanks a lot for your feedback 💛 You can click on the 'Match & Social' option by entering the select mode from the settings of the application. So you can access the social part of the app and switch between modes! makromusic is designed and developed for you 😍 You can send your feedback via our instagram account @makromusiceng Take care! 😍



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