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Membrane is a precise, fully local, privacy-preserving text message filter. Create filters to label incoming SMS messages as transactions, promotions, or junk. Or use machine learning to automatically categorize messages. Enjoy the quiet—junk messages don’t appear in your notifications and your inbox.

Your inbox, your rules: create expressive filters to label messages.

• Label messages as transactions, promotions, or junk.
• Craft filters based on incoming message content, sender IDs, phone numbers, primary language, and message size.
• Comprehensive string matching: “contains”, “begins”, “ends”, “equals”, and more.
• Full support for regular expressions, a powerful way to match patterns in text.

Machine learning: automatically label messages with built-in, fully local machine learning.

• Works in addition to your own filters.
• Zero configuration. Enable or disable it at any time.

Principled: SMS messages sometimes contain sensitive information such as login codes. Membrane is designed with privacy and security as uncompromisable principles. Here’s our promise:

• Filtering happens entirely on-device. Messages never leave your iPhone.
• Membrane never collects or shares any data.
• Membrane never accesses the internet.

Membrane has many more goodies.

• Test your filters for correctness. Tap “Test Filter” in the More menu when editing a filter to get started.
• No walled gardens. You can share, import, and export filters at any time.
• Copy filters, rearrange them, and mark them as active or inactive.

Note that Membrane is only able to filter SMS & MMS messages from unknown senders. It is unable to filter iMessage messages and messages from your contacts.


Version 2022.12

User interface and documentation improvements.


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