Memory Lane - Moving Wallpaper for Evernote 4+

Kanda Software Inc.

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Walk down Memory Lane™ to Remember Everything™

Refresh, relive, and reinforce your memories saved in Evernote® or Facebook®.

Memory Lane™ uses your Evernote® or notebooks or Facebook® notes to remind you of things you might not even remember forgetting.

Memory Lane™ creates an entertaining virtual tour of your notes, presenting them as posters on a wall that you scan as you “walk” by.

When you come by a particularly interesting note, you can pause, rewind, or open and edit it in Evernote® or Facebook®.

Memory Lane™ allows you to:

• Select one or many Evernote® notebooks or your Facebook® notes

• Sort or shuffle your notes

• Pick a background

• Adjust scrolling speed

Use Memory Lane™ as your Mac’s Wallpaper, play with its Interactive mode, or use it as your Screensaver to enjoy your memories when you are not working.

Evernote®, the Evernote Elephant logo and Remember Everything™ are trademarks of Evernote Corporation and used under a license. Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.


Version 2.0

Facebook integration and Facebook notes display;
User interface improvements
Bug fixes
More background choices
New templates for notes
Support for multiple monitor screens
Pause/resume using space bar
Performance and synchronization improvements


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