Switch to a Smarter Lifestyle and join "MetaTrak Plus" Innovative Service’s Mobile App that keeps you connected to your car anytime and anywhere for Security, Safety and Smart Driving.
Please note that connected Service’s provided in the App depends on the installed devices and the rate plan.
• Track your car in real time on the map, check statuses of Movement, Ignition and Car or Device Battery Level.
• Thanks to "MetaTrak Plus" is state-of-the-art security function, you will be notified if your car has been moved without authorization.
• In the event that your car has been towed or stolen, driven without your ID tag, or car battery is disconnected or system wiring is cut or you need the device check failure, you will immediately receive notifications.
• Receive alarms if your vehicle battery, Id tag or device voltage is low.
• "MetaTrak Plus" ensures that you are properly protected at all times.
• "MetaTrak Plus" is equipped with immediate SOC assistance, automatic crash alerts, breakdown services and emergency call support. Records of prior accidents and crashes are downloadable and accessible via the "MetaTrak Plus" app.
Smart Driving
• Manage your car by Modes and Commands, using timer’s sets to turn modes on or off.
• Identify yourself using virtual ID Tag or switch on ID Tag Ignoring mode if you forgot or lose your ID Tag.
• Navigate your journeys and parking’s smoothly with automatic updates, and access information about your trips duration, mileage and speed.
• Build a journey and share it.
• Use POI’s and smart filter search.
• Search needed Message or History event by types.
• Divide Private from Business Trips.
• Monitor your mileage, battery status and voltage conditions, vehicle’s fuel consumption and speed.
• To ensure your vehicle is always in peak condition, "MetaTrak Plus" notifies you of your next vehicle maintenance based on your vehicle’s mileage calculations.
• For your convenience, "MetaTrak Plus" Mobile App enables you to personalize your settings just the way you want it!
• Turn on notifications based on your personal preferences and choose privacy options, which suit you best.
• "MetaTrak Plus" user-friendliness also allows you to manage multiple vehicles all at one time and has the tutorial for your ease and convenience.

Switch to a Smarter Lifestyle and join MetaTrak Plus today.

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