Meteorfall: Journey 12+

Eric Farraro

Entwickelt für iPad

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Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike. You'll choose your class from one of four unique adventurers, and then set out with a deck consisting of some basic attack cards. During the course of your adventure, you'll be presented with the opportunity to add powerful new cards to your deck.

No adventure would be complete without slaying a few monsters that get in your way. In battle, you'll draw cards from your ability deck. Each time you draw a card, you'll be able to swipe right to play the card, or swipe left to skip a turn and regain some stamina.

Between battles, you'll venture through a variety of locations, represented by an encounter deck. You'll encounter blacksmiths that can upgrade your cards, temples that can help you optimize your deck, and mysterious characters that will make you all sorts of bargains.

The tactical strategy of combat micro-decisions mixed with the strategic element of deck-building provides a compelling and deep gameplay experience.

As with all roguelikes, death is permanent. You'll earn some gems that you can use to unlock new cards, but it's back to the drawing board after that. Start out with a new adventurer and set out on your quest once again.

The good news is that Meteorfall is different every time you play - you'll encounter different locations, different enemies, and different quests. Part of the challenge is adapting to the challenging situations the game puts you in, given the cards available.

Good luck hero - it's time to end the Uberlich's cycle of destruction!

+ Challenging roguelike gameplay with an easy-to-understand deck-building combat system
+ Procedurally generated content - every adventure is unique
+ A dozen different enemies with 7 unique bosses
+ Six heroes to choose from, each with a different starting deck and unique playstyle
+ Unlockable hero skins, each with its own starting deck
+ Discover more than 150 cards
+ Daily Challenge mode with leaderboard and gameplay modifers
+ 5 'Demon Mode' levels of difficulty to unlock
+ Unlockable cards that can be easily earned through normal play
+ Leaderboards and Achievements
+ Portrait orientation for casual one-handed gameplay
+ No ads, timers, or other freemium shenanigans


Version 1.0.323

- PERSEVERANCE: New card added for Rose "Gain 2@ and restore 1 charge to all spells. Remove from your deck for the remainder of combat (upgrading this card reduces the cost)"

- Charismatic will no longer show up for Battle Royale

- Fixed the amount of healing done by Shadowburn
- Fixed a bug when playing as Ghost King and hitting Level 10

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4,6 von 5
38 Bewertungen

38 Bewertungen

Silent Rocco ,


Trotz vieler hundert App-Store Downloads ist und bleibt das Karten-Roguelike Meteorfall mit Tinder-Swipe-Mechanik mein absolutes Lieblings-Handyspiel. Perfekte Spiellänge einzelner Sessions, ideal mit einer Hand zu bedienen, fantastisch simples Interface und dennoch ziemlich komplexes Gameplay.

Der tolle, wirklich wunderschön animierte Nachfolger Krumit‘s Tale ist mir z.B. wieder ein Stückchen zu komplex und langwierig. Journey ist da irgendwie perfekt und ich habe wohl in kein Spiel so viel Zeit investiert. Und es unterhält immer noch wie an Tag 1.

Für mich ein kleines großes Meisterwerk und das perfekte Go-to-Handygame.

Hawkeyes72 ,

Sehr kurzweilig!

Nettes, kleines Deck-Building-Kartenspiel. Leicht zu verstehen, spielt sich flott, aber gleichzeitig sehr unterhaltsam. Ansprechende Umsetzung (Musik, Grafik,…). Gerne mehr davon!

--riQ-- ,

Perfektes mobile Game!

Kurzweilige deckbuilding Kämpfe mit verschiedenen Charakteren.


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