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Ever been in a video call and needed to turn off your microphone, but couldn’t find the mute button quickly enough?

Mic Drop lets you mute (and then unmute!) your microphone with a keyboard shortcut or a menu bar control. It works with every meeting app out there—from Zoom to Slack, FaceTime to Houseparty.

It also shows your mic status in a menu bar icon, so you'll always know at a glance whether you're muted or not. And it lets you (un)mute yourself even if you don't have your meeting app open.

Mic Drop:

- Allows you to define a custom keyboard shortcut that works across your Mac.
- Works with every app and audio device out there.
- Automatically keeps you muted (or unmuted!) if you change audio devices.
- Supports push-to-talk and push-to-mute.
- Shows your microphone status in the menu bar.
- Shows your microphone status in an optional floating window.
- Optionally shows a notification anytime you toggle your mute setting.
- Respects your privacy. Mic Drop never listens to you.

Because Mic Drop mutes your audio at the system level, it works with any app you can imagine. We’ve tested with:

- Zoom
- Slack
- Google Meet
- Skype
- Microsoft Teams
- Discord
- FaceTime
- Vidyo
- Houseparty
- Cisco Webex
- and many more.

It just works. No matter where you’re meeting, Mic Drop’s got you covered.


A note on hardware compatibility:

Mic Drop works with just about any audio device out there, but some audio devices can't be muted by macOS, so Mic Drop can't control them. All bluetooth and wired headphones work—it's just some niche USB audio interfaces that Mic Drop won't mute. Mic Drop will warn you if it detects an incompatible device. A list of problematic devices are listed on our support page.


Version 1.4.6

We've improved Bluetooth support in macOS Monterey. macOS 12.4 fixed the infamous Bluetooth bug, so this version of Mic Drop lets you use your AirPods and other Bluetooth microphones with Mic Drop again. Yay!

**New:** Bluetooth mic support in Monterey 12.4. Thanks to Apple fixing the Montery Bluetooth bug in macOS 12.4, we’ve enabled Bluetooth mics without any workarounds if you’re running macOS 12.4 or newer. (Previous versions of Monterey will still use the Bluetooth workaround that uses your built-in microphone instead of Bluetooth mic.)

**Fixed:** An issue with MS Teams and high CPU usage when muting the mic with Mic Drop.

**Fixed:** An issue that could cause a Bluetooth device warning even when running on macOS 12.4.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4,5 von 5
6 Bewertungen

6 Bewertungen

PaoloEstarian ,

Excellent Tool for conferencing

I love this tool and it is exactly what I needed for confereing. Nice status window if I am unmute, convenient usability with hotkey option and decent looking menu bar item.

Support is very fast and helpful if a Mic does not work! 6*

Nobody IsPerfect ,

With fast support

Excellent little tool for anyone using multiple video conferencing providers - who doesn't?

Fast support. I reported a bug, got an answer within minutes and bug was fixed the same day!

ArgonQQ ,

Works! Stil love it

Switched headset to Plantronic Voyager 5200 UC - mute works flawless.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hello, could you please contact us at micdrop@octopusthink.com? We would like to know about your setup and which apps you’re using so we can fix the issues you’re experiencing. Thanks!


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