Educational game teaching kids to learn to tell time with music and superhero Mitee Mite. The game uses music and fun characters to teach kids to tell time in a fun and relatable way. Parents and kids alike love this fun interactive app that teaches children to learn to tell time through music.

Learn To Tell Time With Music and Mitee Mite was created to help children learn while having fun! Mitee Mite is a superhero who learns lessons about dates and times, manners, measurements, and business basics. She has powers that activate when she uses manners in the form of words such as thank you, please and you’re welcome.

Learn To Tell Time With Music and Mitee Mite has key features that addresses and helps teach these skills in a way that are:

o Relatable: Through the characters in the story, who are of a similar age as the targeted readers.

o Fun: The plot features fun adventures while learning valuable life skills such as how to tell time.

o Memorable: Songs and repetition help enforce the learning principles.

The series will contain several themes, the first of which is called the Time Frame Game children play within this Learn To Tell Time With Music and Mitee Mite app. It teaches children through song about time, dates, measurements, and the calendar. While the concept will be delivered within the app families have raved the song is a great way to entertain children on a long drive when all their media devices run out of battery. Parents and children alike enjoy the easy to remember song within Learn To Tell Time With Music and Mitee Mite and it is a proven educational game to help kids learn to tell time.


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