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The MNTD. App is a secure, smartphone app for onboarding and setup of your MNTD. and RAK Hotspots. It allows you to easily manage your Helium (HNT) balance and to monitor your token earnings.

Set up your own account without trouble. Helium accounts are generated with 12 unique words that only you know. This means you are in complete control of who can access your account.

Set up MNTD. and RAK Hotspots in Minutes
Set up your Hotspot in minutes with the MNTD. app. Once you’ve created an account, simply pair your Hotspot with the MNTD. app, connect the hotspot to Wi-Fi or via Lan, and specify your Hotspot location.

Manage one or many Hotspots
With the MNTD. app it doesn’t matter if you need to manage one or many Hotspots, it can support dozens or even hundreds of Hotspots.

Helium Explorer to check your Coverage and Observe the Network Activities
Check your coverage radius and see how far you reach to witness PoC challenges. You can also analyze the rating of the hotspots you witnessed, in terms of transmission scale.

Continuous improvements and further development
We are looking forward to receive your feedbacks and ideas for future improvements and new features of this app that provide you an even higher value in the context of HNT mining and expanding #thepeoplesnetwork. The app will be further improved and new features will be added regularly with the objective to become the best app to manage your Helium Hotspots and HNT earnings.


Version 1.0.2

Layout improvements


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