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The SAUTER modulo 6 commissioning app provides simple access to the settings of modulo 6 devices over the Bluetooth connection on these devices. The user can then verify the status and configuration of a running installation or configure a newly unboxed station for the first time.
The connection to the specific device can be done by reading a QR-Code or by selecting the device in a list of detected devices over the Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) connection of the user’s mobile device.
Once the connection is established, the user obtains a visual indication of the current status of the station and the attached modules. The user can slide over the different configuration pages of the controller on the bottom of the screen: Over these pages, the authorised user is capable of:
- Configuring the first IP connection (IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, DHCP)
- Configuring the second IP connection, when available (IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS, DHCP)
- Configuring the proxy settings (Enabling proxy, IP, port, enabling authentication, username, password)
- View of the attached modules
- View the device information (Manufacturer Name, Serial Number, Hardware Revision, Software Revision, Production date, LED Blink, BACnet DOI, BACnet Network, System Status, Location, Firewall status)
Changes done can be uploaded (stored) to the station with the button in the upper-right corner.
From the Modules view, the individual module’s attached to the controller are graphically represented. In this view, the modules can be selected by sliding them to the left or the right. All channels on a module are represented below graphically in a tiled or a listed form, which can be chosen with the “hamburger” control in the upper-right corner. The colour scheme allows to easily identifying which of the channels are in a normal state (green) and which are not. Channels can be in a status which generates an alarm, or output channels can be overridden. Each channel can be selected to get extended information which is channel-specific, some of which can be edited. This view also includes a live-chart.
Another useful function on this app is the personalized filters to search for specific channels. The filters allow sorting out individual channels applying filtering criteria, which are:
- Module type (EY6IO**)
- Channel reliability (BACnet reliability)
- Overridden flag
- Channel type (DI, CI, DO, Relay, AI:0-10V, AI: NI1000, AO:0-10V, etc.)
The filters can be stored locally on the device for later use.
Overall, the navigation menu is in the upper-left corner, which allows going back to the controller view, the modules view as well as the filter view. Finally, Homepage brings the user to the first page to select a new device.


Version 1.3.0

This version introduces support for modulo 6 firmware version 1.2.3 and includes several bug fixes.


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