MTG Trading Post aims to provide the simplest yet most comprehensive trading experience for paper Magic: The Gathering cards available on iOS. Over are the days of fumbling through pricing sites, approximating values based on condition, trying to keep track of foil and non-foil prices, and constantly reevaluating trades as you add cards to try to find the right balance. MTG Trading Post's clean, intuitive interface will make your trades smooth, fast, and balanced.

MTG Trading Post allows you to set specific properties for each card you add to a trade ensuring that both you and your trading partner are getting the most out of your cards. Find your card based on name and use the provided set data, set symbol, and image to narrow your search. Set its condition and then further adjust its value with a precision slider if necessary. Then, specify whether the card is foil or non-foil and the value will adjust accordingly. Card values are updated in real time from TCGPlayer's mid pricing, so you always know prices are accurate and from a reputable source.

From the trade view, see the value of each player's offered cards as well as the difference between the two values to make sure you can make your trades as even as possible. Swiping a card in the trade view allows you to "hide" a card from the trade. It remains on the player's list of cards but does not affect the trade values, allowing you to experiment with different trade options without having to remove and re-add cards. You can also duplicate a card for quick quantity management. Editing a card's values is as easy as tapping it so you can always make further adjustments when needed.

Keep track of all of your pending trades and IOUs with MTG Trading Post's trade saving feature. Save and name trade states to keep your card transactions in order, or simply use a single table to document want lists or binder contents.

MTG Trading Post is constantly updated to make sure you always have the complete database you need. New features to further improve your trading experience are already in the works and will arrive continuously based on user feedback, ensuring you always have the tools you need to trade efficiently and effectively. Spend less time crunching numbers and more time adding new cards to your collection with MTG Trading Post.


Version 1.2.1

- Updated for Amonkhet and Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might

Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the late update! It's been a very busy few weeks for me.


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