MusicJOT is a powerful music notation app that's also easy to use. Write quickly and naturally on a staff and watch it rendered into beautifully notated music. Interact directly, quickly dragging notes around to change their pitch or duration and choose advanced features from pop-up palettes. Listen to your composition with our full-featured audio playback engine, featuring unlimited tracks and 128 built-in General MIDI instruments. Export your scores in MusicXML or MIDI and pick them up in any desktop notation app such as Finale® or Sibelius® for final tweaking and printing.

• Enter music with your own natural handwriting and a stylus. Optimized for Apple Pencil®. Also directly supports Adonit® stylus.
• Alternative palette-driven system for notes and music symbols.
• Layers let you control and de-clutter what is displayed.
• "Virtual Pointer" allows spot-checking notes, local playback of notes or chords and entering/selecting events.
• The "Visual Road Map" shows your composition's repeat structure.
• Lyric support with automatic syllable flowing.
• Number of staffs and measures limited only by your device.
• Group instruments together, such as a woodwind section in an orchestral score.
• MusicJOT doesn't force you to maintain legal notation. Correct measures at any time with the Illegal Measure Buttons.
• Advanced settings allow fine tuning of dozens of parameters to tailor your notation style.
• Complete contextual help system, including a device-resident manual and tutorials.
• Individual staffs can be transposed for transposing instruments, such as trumpets and saxophones.
• Batch note manipulations, such as transpositions and copy/paste with merge, append and replace.
• Paste Special allows filtering of pasted measure events, easy ostinatos, selective voice pastes and more.
• Directly change note pitches (diatonic, chromatic) or durations by dragging when not in handwriting mode.
• Playback support for tempo markings and dynamics.
• Music spacing adjustable.
• Context sensitive menu system after selections for many often used operations such as octave transpositions, note/rest toggle, common triplets, and simple repeats, etc.
• Score manager allows creation of new scores from templates or custom setup.
• Air print directly from MusicJOT.
• Multiple voices per staff.
• A Staff Manager lets you rearrange all staffs.
• A new Transformation Editor lets you experiment with a variety of tools that you can apply to your predefined regions.
• A new Chord Editor lets you create playable text-based chords.
• Now with AirDrop.
• Now supports the new 3rd generation iPad Pro and new Apple Pencil.
• Additional Sound libraries can be purchased (InApp Purchases).
• Support for fretboards.
• Custom beaming
• Voice 2 rests draggable to avoid collisions.
• Alternate all-in-one notes/rests/tools palette.
•. All-in-one expressions palette.
•. Tremolos, trills, dynamics, accents and staccatos that playback.


Version 1.3.10

Bugs Fixed
* Fixed an issue introduced in 1.3.9 that caused a crash when deleting entire staves.
* Fixed an issue where Paste Special with Merge was not always “undo-ing” properly.
* Other minor fixes.

Features Added
* Ties and slurs now will freeze above/below when in the presence of two voices.

Known Issues
* Undo not restoring ties in some instances.
* Some screen redrawing is necessary after an email or print.
* Copying selected notes instead of simply whole measures is not yet supported.
* Paste Special using Merge involving tuplets has some minor issues. Best to save before implementing Paste Special: Merge.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

xyzuser1845 ,

Gui Design ist auch eine Kunst

Die 1.01 Version ist wohl eher unter dem Aspekt zu sehen Hurra es funktioniert irgendwie! Die GUI ist jedenfalls daneben. Ich wüsste jedenfalls nicht warum ich so ein Programm benutzen sollte wenn es doch auf den konventionellen Rechnern wesentlich besseres gibt, dass sich auch schneller bedienen lässt. Das hier ist jedenfalls reine Zeitverschwendung. Warum könnt ihr euch nicht mal angucken wie man vernünftige kontextsensitive Dialoge und fließende Paletten schafft, die man nämlich für ein solches Programm und vor allen Dingen für so einen Preis auch braucht. Das ist alles mit den Tools in Xcode machbar. Lest doch mal ein bisschen in der Doku.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

We have updated the app four times since your review. Perhaps you could try us again? I like the UI, but if you have better ideas, we would certainly listen to them. You can, if you wish, use our "Report a Bug" from within the app. In answer to your question as to why you might want this type of app over a desktop app - the answer is, so you can use your own handwriting.


Mona Lisa Sound, Inc.
121.7 MB

Erfordert iOS 10.3 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPad.



Freigegeben ab 4+
© 2017 Mona Lisa Sound, Inc.
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  1. Timbres Of Heaven 10,99 €
  2. Dance Organs 4,49 €
  3. Various Synths 3,49 €


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