QueryDB has spent over 8 years helping developers remotely query their MySQL databases on iOS. It's not just a desktop port: it handles flakey cellular network connections and delivering your data wherever you are!

• Optimized to run queries over low quality network connections.
• Does not maintain persistent connections to your database
• Automatically windows data requests to prevent client overload when 
querying large tables.
• Support for MPTCP (SSH server and routers must also support)
• Query oriented workflow.
• Query oriented workflow.
• Run queries with minimal steps.
• Run the same queries across different environments (e.g. prod, staging, dev).
• Support for Siri Shortcuts for both UI and scripting purposes
• Unicode support.
• Automatically sets to default database charset.
• iCloud support
• Easily synchronize servers and queries across all your devices.
• CSV export through iOS extensions
• Easily export data to Numbers, Files, and other sharing extensions that support CSV.
• Premium/Paid support for SSL connections and SSH tunneling

Comprehensive MySQL version support: Versions 3.x, 4,x, 5.x, and 8.x, Amazon Aurora, Google SQL, MariaDB.

QueryDB was first introduced on iOS 6 and has constantly been revised to keep up with iOS, iPad, MySQL, and SSH revisions. It currently works all the way back to iOS 9 and MySQL 3.x, up through iOS 13 and MySQL 8.x. No other app does this.
On top of an 8 year record, it continues to offer features absent from others like parameterized queries, Siri shortcuts.

For the past 8 years, we've only charged for Ad removal and SSH support, leaving basics like un-encrypted db access and CSV export available for free. Our hope is to continue offering basic access for free while charging a nominal fee to others who would use it in a professional capacity. However, the increasing combinations of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, SSH/SSL, and MySQL versions have substantially increased the burden of development, maintenance, and testing.

To help keep up with the pace of change, we're switching to a one-time fee for all features with support for subscriptions at a later date. As a thank you to all users who purchased the Remove Ads option, they'll all be grandfathered into the new Premium tier (it will use the same in-app purchase product). From this version on, the one-time premium purchase will match the price of the MySQL QueryDB SSH product since they're identical.

In-App Feedback Testimonials:

"This App is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Congrats!

It shouldn’t be free. ;)"

"Works dope for my inventory needs. Thanks homies"

No fuss
Works straighforward
Thank You"


Version 1.44

-- Fix parameter replacement issues introduced in 1.43

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4.5 von 5
32 Bewertungen

32 Bewertungen

Sakuralee! ,

Funktioniert zuverlässig

Ein editieren direkt im select wäre nett oder eine Unterstützung beim Anlegen neuer querys. (Autocomplet von Tabellen oder Spaltennamen)
Aber um mal schnell von unterwegs zugreifen zu können ganz nett. Es ist aber noch Luft nach oben.

i-Blue ,

Eine der von mir am häufigsten genutzten Apps

Funktioniert sehr zuverlässig und wenn sich doch mal ein kleiner Bug einschleicht, wird dieser schnell gefixt. Danke dafür!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hallo, dies wurde in Version 1.44 behoben. In Zukunft gibt es in der App eine Feedback-Funktion, die eine schnellere Reaktion ermöglicht. (Translated using google translate, apologies for any odd wording).

joebi42 ,

Cooles Tool

Immer gut für einen schnellen Query


35.7 MB

Erfordert iOS 9.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.


Englisch, Japanisch

  1. Premium 9,99 €


  • Familienfreigabe

    Wenn die Familienfreigabe aktiviert ist, können bis zu sechs Familienmitglieder diese App verwenden.

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