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Name Mangler is a blazingly-fast multi-file renaming tool that's incredibly easy to use. Renaming tens of thousands of files can be as easy as a drag-and-drop operation, a bit of typing, and one click of a button. And it now runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

With Name Mangler, you can…

• Create single or multi-step renaming actions, save them, and share them across Macs
• Rename in excess of 2,000 files per second
• Use files' macOS metadata (e.g. ISO speed, dimensions, bit rate, etc.) in new names
• See before-and-after views of your filenames insure you rename them as you intend
• Save renaming tasks as droplets: just drag-and-drop files onto a droplet, and they'll be renamed
• Save renaming tasks as macOS Services, for use through Finder's contextual menu
• Load any previously-used rename action from the History browser
• See previews of files' contents using macOS' built-in Quick Look file previewer

Name Mangler 3 represents a quantum leap forward in file renaming: speed and beauty combined with ease of use, and loaded with features. In addition to the above, here are some other features of note:

• Save any renaming action as a Preset, and automatically sync those presets across Macs
• Export renaming actions for sharing via email, etc.
• Revert last-used renaming operation
• Optionally display only files that will be renamed, instead of all files in the list
• Automatically detect potential duplicates and flag (or optionally automatically fix)
• See Interim results that show filenames at each step of a multi-step renaming task
• Full support for regular expressions to handle really complicated renaming tasks.

If you have files to rename, Name Mangler can get the job done.


Version 3.8

• Droplets now get their own creation dates, instead of inheriting their creation date from the Name Mangler app itself.
• Revised Services implementation to restore functionality on recent versions of macOS.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

5,0 von 5
7 Bewertungen

7 Bewertungen

theodorus ,


Bei der Umbenennung von vielen Dateien ist die SW Gold wert, vor allem das es vielfältige Möglichkeiten zur Umbenennung gibt (Umbenennen an bestimmten Stellen, Finden und oder Löschen, Nummerierung, ...) Leider gibt es keine deutsche Lokalisierung.

ahasver65 ,

it's perfect

Don't use that much any more but never had a problem. And if you need to rename multiple files this is the way!!

mactechgeeek ,

Jeden Cent wert! Worth every penny, rly is

It's a tool. One that works, like, really well. A posterchild of awesome Mac software! Thanks a million, really!


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