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In this application you can watch, listen or read Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's teachings.

This app let you access:
- Historical talks of the day
- List of Pujas
- List of Public programs
- Spontaneous selection of talks

You can easily search, sort and share all the content, as well as carry the Songs and Mantras books in your pocket to access them at any moment (even offline).

The advanced search engine lets you search through key-words, dates, sentences and filter the results by location, date, duration, subtitles, etc.

Also you will be able to:
- Add talks as favorite talks to watch them later
- Read the news from Nirmala Vidya llc
- Make a donation to support the preservation and distribution of talks of Shri Mataji.

If you don’t know what it is all about, first discover Shri Mataji and the Sahaj Meditation on and
You will be able to experience a meditation that triggers a process of smooth inner transformation that will bring, among others, deep peace, satisfaction and emotional, psychic and physical balance through thoughtless awareness.

With Love

The Nirmala Vidya team


Version 2.7.0

Take a look at the new version of the Nirmala Vidya App
Enjoy the new section with books on App.

You will find:
- Adi Shakti book
- Metamodern Era
- Mantra Book 8th version
- Men and Women in Sahaja
- Marriage in Sahaja
- Raising Children
- The Joy of Spreading Sahaja

Go to the footer, tap on "More..."
You will find the option to tap on "Books"
Each book has different formats, such as PDF, Kindle, Mobi, Epub.

You can listen to the "Meta Modern Era" Audiobook.

If you read the books on apps, you will find a dropdown menu to navigate through chapters. The dropdown menu will hide while scrolling down and appears when you scroll up.

Since there are excerpts of Shri Mataji's talks on books such as "Raising Children", "Sahaja Marriage" and "Men and Women", you have the link to the entire lecture and the share option for those excerpts.

News for Songbook:
- Now you have the search option on iOS.
- Enjoy the new version with the brackets on songs.
- A list of suggested bhajans for pujas.
- And some excerpts of Shri Mataji about music.

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5,0 von 5
4 Bewertungen

4 Bewertungen


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