Noto is a simple, pretty, and straightforward plain text editor for macOS.

With few but focused features, Noto is the ideal tool to maintain short notes, lists, and source code files without clutter.

Customize the appearance of the editor with your preferred colors; download themes, or create and share your own. Toggle different panels to customize the appearance of the editor, such as a line numbers bar, the toolbar, and an information bar that displays statistics about the document (characters, words, and lines count; document encoding).

Open and save documents using specific file encodings (especially useful to read and write files from/to older systems, for example).

Some of the other features include:

* iCloud Drive support: Store your files on iCloud Drive and have them always with you.

* File versioning support: Browse, copy, and restore previous versions of your file. Works out of the box on macOS, but works even better if you tore your files on iCloud Drive and/or if you have Time Machine enabled.

* Distraction free mode: Work on full screen and see only your content. You can hide all non-essential panels to make most use of your screen space.

* Multiple-selection indentation: Select several chunks of text by holding Command to increase and decrease the indentation. Useful for quickly fixing a piece of code.

* Invisible characters rendering: Enable this feature to have Noto show hints of invisible characters in the text, so you can see those pesky whitespaces at the end of lines.

Noto is Free Software distributed under the GPLv3 license, and with source available on GitHub. Please notice: Due to the way the Mac App Store distributes applications, you can't redistribute Noto if you downloaded it from the Mac App Store. If you wish to have a freely redistributable binary, visit the Noto website and download the signed binary from there.


Version 1.2

Updated invisibles rendering. Now uses more intuitive invisible character representations.
Adds new help book.
Plenty of performance improvements (and more under work to be released in the next version).

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