OnCue Prompter is an IOS Teleprompter app that will work with iPhone's and IPad's and can be controlled over a network connection by connecting devices over Bluetooth or Wifi and can be controlled by any iCade multi-function Bluetooth Controller. By using a multi-function controller instead of a multimedia controller like the other teleprompter apps, you will have tons of additional functionality with the remote control like fast-forward / rewind, changing the font size, starting the script at the top again, and more.

You don't need any special remotes or remote apps to control the scrolling, it can be done using one of the devices that are connected. Simply swiping the screen speeds-up and slows-down the scroll and tapping on the screen pauses.

OnCue can also be connected to a conventional LCD style teleprompter via an HDMI/VGA adapter or using Apple TV.

It is really simple to understand how to operate OnCue Prompter. Most people figure it out in a couple minutes. You will find the interface easy to navigate and the controls are similar to what you use on your iPhone or iPad every day.

1. Rich Text Editor
2. Multiple Peer connections
3. View and edit scripts on wirelessly connected devices
4. Output in dual screen mode to Apple TV
5. Output in dual screen mode to an LCD monitor or TV using a VGA or HDMI adapter for your phone.
6. Uses any iCade style game controller to control the scrolling with these functions.
a. Pause/Start
b. Speed up / Slow Down
c. Fast-forward / Rewind
d. Double Fast-Forward / Double Rewind
e. Increase/decrease font size
f. Restart script.
g. Exit scrolling window
I. Line Spacing
7. Advanced scrolling features including countdown and looping
8. Scroll smoothness adjustment for network connections
9. The same text appears on all connected devices. What the talent sees is exactly what is viable on all other connected peers.
10. Connected peers (Clients) control whether or not the image is a mirror for their own device.


Version 4.4

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

OnCue Prompter 4.4 has some improvements in scrolling and new buttons for navigating from the main view. We also added support for Bluetooth 4.0 iCade Remotes that will work with the lates iOS devices being released with Bluetooth 4.2 and higher.


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