One Block: Puzzle Adventure 4+

Martynas Gavelis

Entwickelt für iPad

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Do you like puzzles games or brain teasers? You are in a right place!

One Block is a logic game which focuses on thinking and solving skills. Each puzzle makes you think few steps ahead and gets more and more challenging as you progress.

Hand crafted levels filled with various innovative mechanics are ready to be solved. The goal is simple: merge blocks of the same color and collect stars simultaneously. By the way, you have to stay in the board frame!

The logic puzzle starts simple but further in the game you will encounter new elements. Take advantage of each game element and use their powers to stay on the board in order to complete a level.


A simple wall which helps you to stay in the board.


Touch it with any other block and it will disappear from your game board. Use it wisely!


A single block divided into two colors. Merge its edge with the other same color block. It just might sound easy.

BUTTON (It probably controls something):

You have two elements here. A simple rock which acts like a wall but once you stand on the button the obstacle is gone. Now you are free to move!

It will move blocks from one position to another in just a second. It will change the flow of the game.

How to play:
Use your finger to swipe in any direction of the screen. See how blocks react to your actions and make sure you merge them together. Keep blocks in the board frame or you will lose. Merged blocks must cover at least one start. Use game elements to facilitate reaching the goal.

There are always a three ways to solve a puzzle:
* Get 1 star
* Get 2 stars
* Get 3 stars
Try all the 3 ways to collect the most in order to unlock further game packages.

* 48 Handcrafted levels with more to come.
* Innovative gameplay mechanics.
* Colorblind support carefully integrated into existing designs.
* Relaxing music and forest sounds.
* An animated and intelligent hint system that guide you to way out.
* Fun, challenging experience suitable for all ages.


Version 1.0.6

- UI Performance optimisations

- All hints in teleports package should work just fine now


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