PCB Desk allows you to check and lookup any kind of Movie, TV Show or any kind of people related to this Category like Actors, Directors, Producers etc...
With PCB Desk you don't need to search on the Web e.g. for a Movie just to know who starred in a Movie or TV Show, you can simply search directly in PCB Desk and get full overview of Movies with Plot, full Cast, Ratings and all the other interesting Informations, also, if available you can even watch the official Trails, check Box Office Revenue and share your Search!

In TV Shows you get even more, number of Seasons/Episode, Show Status and more...

PCB Des works even great with the current Content you are already working on, simply select a Movie Title e.g., copy and let PCB Desk lookup this Title for you.

Have you ever watched a Movie or TV Show and thought, i know this guy?! With PCB Desk you can. search the particual Media, check out the Cast, fid your Target and click it to get a n Overview of this Person with all hers/his Filmography grouped in Movie and TV

And now with MetaNow, you can use PCB Desk even in fullscreen mode while watching your Movie in PLEX, VLC or iTunes, simply trigger MetaNow and you get a full access to all the interesting Stuff right above your Movie, no need to exit your Player, search on the Web or even pause if you are okay with that...

PCB Desk is designed as a passive App, so whenever you need it, it can be there but dismisses itself or moves itself into background when you don't need it, so e.g. click the Dock Icon once to see your History, click anywhere else to auto close it, Infor Tiles with your Media Informations make a thumbed Version of themself if you don't activly need them to make place for the content below...


Version 2.2

- fixed a bunch of issues with MacOS 10.14 Mojave
- Clicking the Dock Icon opens the History Window, but now it auto enables the Search filed for faster usage
- dropped the whole MetaNow Add-On while it became deprecated, MetaNow is already a stand-alone Application that is highly enhanced than the Version used here, but if you purchased PCB Desk becasue of thiis, use the Support Website and we can surely work something out ^^
- various other bug fixes


Serge Sander
5 MB

OS X 10.11 oder neuer, 64-Bit-Prozessor



2,29 €


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